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Undergraduate Student Research Profiles: 2005

Jessica McLoud

Jessica McLoud Jessica, a Psychology major, had become increasingly troubled by national reports of "social aggression" among girls in middle school-that is, the ways in which girls were forming cliques to reject and ostracize others, and using gossip and exclusion to bully them. During her senior year Jessica created an after-school Girl Scout program for middle-school girls with a special curriculum to teach girls about the mental and emotional harm caused by social aggression. She conducted a systematic research evaluation of the program to analyze the effects and benefits of her new curriculum compared to the standard program curriculum. This helped the Girl Scouts to reconsider the ways in which they structure their after-school programs.

Kaitlin Ryan

Kaitlin Ryan Kaitlin, a senior Psychology major, works in the Anxiety and Health Research Laboratory at the University of Vermont. She has been interested in the role of panic attacks and their influence on success in quitting smoking. Working with Dr. Michael Zvolensky and Ms. Kristin Gregor on a National Institute of Drug Abuse-funded investigation, she has learned that panic attacks are related to poorer outcomes in quitting smoking. These results are preliminary, but suggest that specialized treatment approaches may be clinically important for daily smokers with panic attacks. Kaitlin is pursuing graduate study in psychology after graduation.

Anne Waring

Anne Waring Anne, a Psychology senior, spent two years as a research assistant with Dr. Timothy Stickle studying aggression and antisocial behavior in adjudicated adolescents. She was interested in finding out what happened to these kids in terms school completion and re-offending. During her senior year, Anne designed and completed a study of these outcomes among kids sent to juvenile detention and intervention programs in Vermont. Her results helped to identify which programs worked and to suggest ways to improve those that didn't.

Undergraduate Student Research Profiles

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