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Department of Psychological Science

The Social Psychology Subprogram

Intergroup Processes

Elizabeth Pinel, Ph.D.

Liz has a strong interest in ways to reduce intergroup tension. Drawing on her more general research on I-sharing (link to self and other page), Liz and her graduate students have been studying whether shared subjective experiences mitigate ingroup favoritism and improve general attitudes toward outgroups. So far, the data suggest that they do!

Carol Miller, Ph.D.

child and man looking at each other Child and Man looking at each other

Carol's work on intergroup processes examines the role of perceived and actual norms in intergroup processes. Her work examines community perceptions of the norms regarding the expression of prejudice and the relationship of these normative perceptions to the experiences of stigmatized people living in these communities. She also is interested in how beliefs about prevailing community norms about behaviors that may lead to a stigmatizing condition (e.g., behaviors that risk transmission of HIV) relate to prejudice toward stigmatized people and the experience of prejudice by stigmatized people.

Carol also examines normative beliefs about the prevalence of different opinions on environmentally-relevant issues. She is interested in the role these beliefs play in people's thoughts on how local, environmentally-related conflicts should be resolved.

Normative beliefs about opinions on environmental issues

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