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Researchers are always looking for individuals to participate in studies they are conducting under the guidance of faculty members of the Department of Psychological Science at the University of Vermont. Most studies will compensate you for your time.

If you are a current University of Vermont undergraduate student and wish to participate in a study for course credit, click here for more information.

Otherwise, to enroll in a study, please contact the Researcher via the email address or phone number provide. DO NOT CALL THE DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE!

Check this page often, studies are constantly being added.

Complex Predictors of Sexual Behavior

feet in bed

Questions are about sexual behavior, sexual thoughts, sexual health, emotions, and personality. Your responses will be anonymous.

Compensation: If you are a UVM student you may receive extra credit for your course as compensation for your participation in this study.
Qualifications: We are looking for men and women who are fluent in English and are between 18 and 25 years of age to participate in an on-line study. If you decide to participate and quality you'll answer a series of questions that will be kept anonymous. This study will take up to 1.5 hours.
When: Ongoing
Location: On-line
Investigators: Jessica Clifton, Alessandra Rellini, Martin Seehuus
Faculty: Alessandra Rellini
Phone: 802-419-0820

Coping with Rural Community HIV Stigma: Sexual Behavior and Psychological Well-Being


This is a longitudinal study. Participants will visit the Person Environment Zone Projects research site at the University of Vermont 3 times over a 6 month period (every 90 days). During their first visit, participants will complete a variety of questionnaires about their experiences with HIV/AIDS stigma, their perceptions of their community, their experience with relationships, how they cope with stress, about their sexual behavior, and about their psychological health. Participants will also call an automated IVR phone-in diary to report their experiences every day for 7 days after their first visit.

Can't travel to the University of Vermont? We may be coming to your area! Please call us if you are interested in participating but are unable to travel to our research site in Burlington, Vermont.

Compensation: Compensation for participating in our research is determined by the time of your visit (Time 1 = $40, Time 2 = $50, Time3 = $60), the distance you travel to our research site ($0.55 per mile plus $12.50 for every 50 miles, round trip), and your completion of the IVR phone-in diary ($10 for each day you complete a call, plus a bonus $15 if you complete all seven days in a row). Total compensation could be as much as $235 plus travel.
Qualifications: This study is open to all people living with HIV/AIDS who are:
  • 18 years of age or older
  • live in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, or Eastern NY
When: Starting September 2009
Location: Room 101 John Dewey Hall
Investigators: Carol Miller & Sondra Solomon
Assistants: Susan Richardson, Andy Knapp, Jenn Zangl, James Hodge, Tara McCuin, Victoria Baptiste
Phone: (802) 656-8029 toll free (866) 532-7183

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