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Laura Gibson

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Laura Gibson

Laura Gibson
Clinical Associate Professor

  • B.A. Carleton College, 1994
  • Ph.D. University of Vermont, 2001
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Phone: (802) 655-1356 x6748


In September, 2009 I left the Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy Center to become a full-time staff psychologist at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Fort Ethan Allen Community-Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) in Colchester, VT. My primary focus at present is on the provision of evidence-based treatments for PTSD and other anxiety disorders, as well as recovery from military sexual trauma. I am currently focusing on the provision of early interventions and outreach to the 1500 National Guard soldiers who returned to Vermont at the end of 2010 from Afghanistan.

In addition, I continue to provide consultation to the Vermont State Hospital regarding behavioral interventions/evidence-based treatments and I conduct private forensic evaluations. I continue to be involved in training clinicians, residents and doctoral students in treatment and assessment of trauma-related disorders and serve as a board member at the Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy Center.

Representative Publications

  • Hamblen, J.L., Norris, F.H., Gibson, L.E., & Lee, L. (2010). Training community therapists to deliver cognitive behavioral therapy in the aftermath of disaster. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, 12, 33-44.
  • Hamblen, J.L., Norris, F.H., Pietruszkiewicz, S., Gibson, L.E., Naturale, A., & Louis, C. (2009). Cognitive behavioral therapy for postdisaster distress: A community based treatment program for survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Administration and Policy in Mental Health, 36, 206-214.
  • Zvolensky, M. J., Gibson, L. E., Vujanovic, A. A., Gregor, K., Bernstein, A., Kahler, C., Lejuez, C. W., Brown, R. A., & Feldner, M. T. (2008). Impact of posttraumatic stress disorder on early smoking lapse and relapse during a self-guided quit attempt among community-recruited daily smokers. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 10, 1415-1427.
  • Gibson, L.E., Ruzek, J.I., Naturale, A.J., Watson, P.J., Bryant, R.A., Rynearson, T. et al. (2007). Interventions for individuals after mass violence and disaster: Recommendations from the roundtable on screening and assessment, outreach, and intervention for mental health and substance abuse needs following disasters and mass violence. Journal of Trauma Practice, 5 (4), 1-28.
  • Gibson, L.E., Hamblen, J., Zvolensky, M.J., & Vujanovic, A. (2006). Evidence-based treatments for traumatic stress: An overview of the research with an emphasis on disaster settings. In F. H. Norris, S. Galea, M.J. Friedman, & P.J. Watson (Eds.), Methods for Disaster Mental Health Research (pp. 208-225). New York: Guilford Publications.
  • Hamblen, J.L., Gibson, L.E., Mueser, K.T., & Norris, F.H. (2006). Cognitive behavioral therapy for prolonged postdisaster distress. Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session, 62, 1043-1052.
  • Litz, B.T. & Gibson, L.E. (2006). Conducting research on early interventions. In E. C. Ritchie, P.J. Watson & M.J. Friedman (Eds.), Interventions following mass violence or disasters (pp.387-404). New York: Guilford Publications.
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