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Nolan Rampy

Psychology Department Lecturer

Nolan Rampy

Nolan Rampy

  • B.S. Abilene Christian University, 2004
  • M.A. Abilene Christian University, 2007
  • Ph.D. University of Vermont, anticipated 2014
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Phone: (802) 656-2670
Room: 112

Office Hours: Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00


My research interests primarily focus on issues in existential psychology (e.g. problems of death, meaninglessness, isolation, and freedom). I came to the University of Vermont to work with Dr. Elizabeth Pinel and become involved in her research on I-sharing, which addresses existential isolation. My work involves combining I-sharing with other lines of research, such as terror management theory and infrahumanization. In addition, I have a side interest in neuroscience and I recently gave a talk on how the methodology used in terror management research could be applied to research on split-brain patients.

Representative Publications and Presentations

  • Rampy, N.M., Pinel, E.C., Finnell, S., (manuscript in preparation). Humanizing the outgroup: The role of I-sharing in combatting infrahumanization.
  • Pinel, E.C., Rampy, N.M., Bernecker, S. (manuscript in preparation for Journal of Psychotherapy Integration). The value of I-sharing in a therapeutic context.
  • Rampy, N.M., Pinel, E.C., Vail, K., Arndt, J., & Pope, B. (2011). Intolerance of intolerance: The limits of a liberal worldview. Poster presented at the Society of Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.
  • Rampy, N.M. (2010). Existential psychology and neuroscience: An interdisciplinary theory of the self. Talk given at the University of Vermont Honors College Seminar: Neuroscience Beyond Biology and Medicine.
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