University of Vermont

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Department of Psychological Science Masters Thesis Titles

Listed below are the thesis titles for M.A. recipients of the University of Vermont Department of Psychological Science, as well as their research advisor(s).


Bauerle Harold

Advisor: Donna Toufexis
The Influence of Prenatal Stress on Behaviors Associated with Schizophrenia and Autism Spectrum Disorder


Hodge James

Advisor: Carol Miller
Third Party Responses to Sexism

Schepers Scott

Advisor: Mark Bouton
Effects of Reinforcer Distribution During Response Elimination on the Resurgence of an Extinguished Instrumental Response

Trask Sydney

Advisor: Mark Bouton
Contextual Control of Operant Behavior: Evidence for Hierarchical Associations in Instrumental Learning


Eddy Meghan

Advisor: John Green
The Effect of Voluntary Exercise on Discrimination, Set-Shifting, and Striatal Dopamine

Lopez Alexa

Advisor: Stephen Higgins
Examining Potential Moderators of the Relationship Between Postpartum Cigarette Smoking and Breastfeeding Among Spontaneous Quitters

Patrick Mollie

Advisor: Stacey Sigmon
Influence of Bupropion on Smoking Abstinence in Opiod-Maintained Smokers


Fuchs Jason

Advisor: John Green
The Role of the Voltage-gated Potassium Channel Kv1.2 in Eyeblink Classical Conditioning

Hare Brendan

Advisor: William Falls
Exercise Alters HPA-Axis Activity in Response to Restraint Stress in C57BL/6J Mice

Huneke Mark

Advisor: Elizabeth Pinel
Waiting Too Long to Respond: The Effect of Feedback Delay on the Interpretation of Intrapsychic Similarity Information

Kocho-Schellenberg Margaret

Advisor: Sayamwong (Jom) Hammack
Differential Modulation of Weight by Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Polypeptide in the Anterior and Posterior Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis

Wagner Caitlin

Advisor: Jamie Abaied
Associations Between Relational Victimization and Adjustment in Females: The Moderating Role of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Reactivity


Herrmann Evan

Advisor: Sarah Heil
Characterizing and Improving HIV/AIDS Knowledge Among Cocaine-Dependent Outpatients Using Modified Materials

Lipatova Olga

Advisor: Donna Toufexis
Emotional State Interacts with Estrogen's Effects on Cognition

Todd Travis

Advisor: Mark Bouton
Trial and Intertrial Durations in Pavlovian Conditioning: Effects of Self-Generated Priming on the Acquisition of Conditioned Responding

Zangl Jennifer

Advisor: Carol Miller
Rejection Sensitivity as Mediator Between Stigma and Romantic Relationship Satisfaction


Bradstreet Matthew

Advisor: Stephen Higgins
Social Discounting and Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy

Vurbic Drina

Advisor: Mark Bouton
Mechanisms of Secondary Extinction


Mount Kristin

Advisor: Susan Crockenberg
Maternal and Child Correlates of Anxiety in 2 1/2 Year Old Children

Selkirk Laura

Advisor: Susan Crockenberg
Links among High Stakes Testing, Student Achievement, Motivation, and Performance


Johnson Leslie

Advisor: Elizabeth Pinel
Does Your “Me” Influence How Our “I”s Connect: I-Sharing as an Antidote for Weight-Based Prejudice

Lezak Kimberly

Advisor: Sayamwong (Jom) Hammack
5-HT1A Antagonism within the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Modulates Anxiety-Like Behaviors in Rats

Shoulberg Erin

Advisor: Heather Bouchey
Reflected Appraisals and Self-Perceptions: Processes Underlying Achievement and Educational Expectancies in Late Adolescence


Grover Kristin

Advisor: Carol Miller
The Role of Death Anxiety in the Stigmatization of Persons with AIDS

Lekka Shamila

Advisor: Susan Crockenberg
Pathways by which Marital Conflict, Maternal and Paternal Behavior Affect Infant Emotion Regulation to Frustration at 6 Months

Salam Jasmine

Advisor: William Falls
Anxiogenic Effects of Auditory Stimuli as Measured with Acoustic Startle


Chivers Laura

Advisor: Stephen Higgins
Experimental Examination of Changes During the Initial Weeks of Smoking Abstinence Potentially Related to Relapse Risk

Davis Melinda

Advisor: Sara Burchard
The Art of Practice: The Associations Between Daily Relaxation Practice and Coping Strategy Use on Therapeutic Outcomes in Chronic Pain Patients

Thanellou Alexandra

Advisor: John Green
Reinstatement of the Extinguished Eyeblink Response in the Rat


Richardson Susan

Advisor: Carol Miller
Do's and Don'ts of Injustice: How Observers Perceive the Injustice of Discrimination and their Expectations for the Target

Woods Amanda

Advisor: Mark Bouton
Occasional Reinforced Responses Ruring Operant Extinction Can Slow Relapse in the Form of Rapid Reacquisition


Chess Amy

Advisor: David Bucci
Kynurenic Acid Effects on Associative Learning: Implications for Attention


Force Michelle

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Youth as Experts on Youth Community Involvement: A perspective that is Rarely Considered

Guerrettaz Kelly

Advisor: William Falls
Assessment of the Requirement for Protein Synthesis in Extinction of Conditioned Fear as Measured with the Fear-Potentiated Startle Procedure

Krulewitz Julianne

Advisor: Carol Miller
The Effects of Sexual Harassment on the Perception of Women's Job Interview Performances: Does Knowing About Harassment Make a Difference?

Vandrey Ryan

Advisor: Alan Budney
Comparison of Tobacco, Marijuana, and Combined Tobacco and Marijuana Abstinence Effects


Barnett-Rhodes Amanda

Advisor: Dharam Yadav
Sugar Coated Ads and High Calorie Dreams: The Impact of Junk Food Ads on Brand Recognition of Preschool Children

Reid Richard

Advisor: Sara Burchard
Early Identification of Children at Risk for Emotional Behavioral Disorders


Carmola Amy

Advisor: Lynne Bond
The Development of the Parenting Alliance During the First Three Years of Parenthood

Cooper Joshua

Advisor: Lynne Bond
The Contextualized Experience of Serving: Developmental Perspectives of the Alumni of a National Service Organization

Johnson Matthew

Advisor: Warren Bickel
The Behavioral Economics of Cigarette Smoking: The Presence of a Substitute and an Independent Reinforcer

Rossi Rita

Advisor: Richard Musty
Heavy Marijuana Use and Neuropsychological Functioning

Sunsay Ceyhun

Advisor: Mark Bouton
The Role of Frustration and Trial Density on Context Switch Effects in Appetitive Pavlovian Conditioning


Bailey Glenn

Advisor: Herbert Leff
Facilitating Integrated Internalization in an Educational Context


Cain Mary

Advisor: Bruce Kapp
Arousal-Related, Associative Response Characteristics of Dorsal Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Neurons During Acoustic Pavlovian Fear Conditioning

Leerkes Esther

Advisor: Susan Crockenberg
The Development of Maternal Self-Efficiency and Its Influence on Maternal Behavior

Picard Christy

Advisor: Sara Burchard
Level of Risk for Eating Disorders in Middle School Girls: The Role of Athletic Participation

Saucier Donald

Advisor: Carol Miller
The Effects of Helping on the Racist Attitudes of the Helper

Sigmon Stacey

Advisor: Stephen Higgins
Contingent Reinforcement of Marijuana Abstinence Among Individuals with Schizophrenia


Burns Catherine

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Mothers' Explanations of Children's Behavior

Cohen Amy

Advisor: Kathleen Gorman
Problem Solving, Strategy Use and Parental Teaching with Toddlers

Frohardt Russell

Advisor: Stacey Young
The Effects of Interhippocampal Infusion of the Metabotropic Glucomate Receptor MGLUR Antagonist (RS)-Alpha-Methyl-4-Carboxyphenylglycine on Conditioned Fear

Jimerson Tiffany

Advisor: Lynne Bond
The Relationship of Mothers' Epistemologies to Turn-Taking and Contingency in Interactions with their Children

Kaiser Cheryl

Advisor: Carol Miller
Effects of the Contextual Ambiguity of Prejudice on the Coping Strategies of Stigmatized People

Knolls Michelle

Advisor: Phyllis Bronstein
Effects of Marital and Family Conflict on Adolescents' Marital Aspirations and Behavior in Dating Relationships

Mishkind Matthew

Advisor: Robert Lawson
The Relationship Between Individual and Collective Efficacies and their Impact Upon Team Performances


Prail Darin

Advisor: Carol Miller
Confirmation, Compensation, Loafing, and Overcompensation in Reaction to Attractiveness Stigmatization

Wong Conrad

Advisor: Stephen Higgins
Situational-Confidence in the Context of Outpatient Behavioral Treatment of Cocaine Dependence


Bradshaw Julian

Advisor: Lawrence Gordon
The Interplay of Reward Structures and Environmental Uncertainty in Dynamic Resource Dilemmas

Guarraci Fay

Advisor: Bruce Kapp
Characterization of Dopamine Neuronal Activity in the Ventral Tegmental Area During Differential Aversive Pavlovian Conditioning in the Awake Rabbit

O'Rourke Deborah

Advisor: Sara Burchard
Children's Understanding of Three Physical Conditions


Bramley Janet

Advisor: Sara Burchard
Individual, Residential and Care Provider Factors Associated with the Psychiatric Adjustment of Recently Deinstitutionalized Adults with Mental Retardation

Choudhury Naseem

Advisor: Kathleen Gorman
The Validity of Reaction Time as a Measure of Intelligence in a Rural Guatemalan Population

Downey Kathryn

Advisor: Carol Miller
The Relationship Between Obesity and Self-Esteem: A Meta-Analysis

Piasecki Linda

Advisor: Carol Miller
Self-Discrepancy Theory as a Predictor for Appearance-Related or Academic Distress

Smith Brandi

Advisor: Warren Bickel
A Comparison of Cumulative and Single Dosing Procedures in Human Drug Discrimination

Whitney-Hockman Carolyn

Advisor: Carol Miller
Social Conflict in the Use of Natural Resources for Recreation: Asymmetry, Perceived Consensus, and Preferred Resolution Strategy


Christensen Judith

Advisor: David Howell
The Evaluation of Program Effectiveness: Application to the Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center

Culbert Susan

Advisor: Sara Burchard
Self-Perceived Satisfaction: A Reliability and Validity Study

Donnelly John

Advisor: John Burchard
A Comparison of Youth Involvement and a Sense of Unconditional Care with Wraparound Versus Traditional Care Services

Hale Kelly

Advisor: John Hughes
Caffeine Self-Administration and Subjective Effects in Adolescents

Nathan Jane

Advisor: Bruce Compas
Marraige in the 90's: Gender, Income, and Compromise as Predictors of Marital Equity

Nelson James

Advisor: Mark Bouton
The Effects of a Retention Interval on Feature and Target Inhibition in a Feature Negative Discrimination

Ricker Sean

Advisor: Mark Bouton
Reacquistion Following Extinction in Appetitive Conditioning

Rudiger Lawrence

Advisor: Dharam Yadav
Use of Computer Mediated Communication by Gay Men: An Initial Assessment

Silvestri Amy

Advisor: Bruce Kapp
The Effects of Lesions of the Lateral Amygdaloid Nucleus on the Acquisition of Conditioned Bradycardic and Electroencephalographic Responses in the Rabbit


Danielski Casimir

Advisor: Robert Lawson
Efficacy, Job Satisfaction, and Adaptation in an Environment of Organizational Change

Lourie Andrea

Advisor: Susan Crockenberg
Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Six-Year-Old Friendship Dyads

Murphy Debra

Advisor: Robert Lawson
A Multi-Dimensional Leadership Theory of the Glass Ceiling

O'Boyle Elizabeth

Advisor: Mark Bouton
Conditioned Inhibition in a Multiple-Category Learning Task

Tighe Theodore

Advisor: Karen Fondacaro
Mothers' Stress, Social Support and Coping Associated with Developmental Delays of Maltreated Children

Tshikororo Lufuno

Advisor: Robert Lawson
The Effect of Performance and Race on Employee Promotion


Arce Quinones Wanda

Advisor: Richard Musty
A Cross-Sectional Study of Alcohol Consumption Patterns in Women: 1973 and 1986

Brooks Douglas

Advisor: Mark Bouton
A Retrieval Cue for Extinction Attenuates Spontaneous Recovery

Carpenter Marc

Advisor: Sara Burchard
Predictors of Residence Satisfaction, Psychological Well-Being, and Work Satisfaction of Adults with Mental Retardation: A Three-Year Longitudinal Analysis

Epping-Jordan Mark

Advisor: Richard Musty
The Effects of CP55,940 Applied to the Nucleus Accumbens on Locomotor Activity in Rats

Vecchione Elia

Advisor: Joseph Hasazi
Stress and Behavioral Adjustment in Individuals with Mental Retardation


Chen Zenglo

Advisor: Dharam Yadav
The Relationship Between Collectivism-Individualism and Cross-Cultural Social Adjustment Among Chinese Students in the USA

Cogan Jeanine

Advisor: Esther Rothblum
A Decade of Outcome Research on the Treatment of Obesity: Are Weight Loss Programs Effective?

Pandina Nancy

Advisor: Richard Musty
Environmental Engineering and Behavioral Change Over Time in Two Lowland Gorillas: A Qualitative and Quantitative Perspective

Rzewnicki Randy

Advisor: Donald Forgays
The Effect of Brief Restricted Environmental Stimulation (REST) as an Intervention for Chronic Tension Headaches

Santarcangelo Suzanne

Advisor: Sara Burchard
The Evaluation of Community Access and Adjustment in Individuals Who Are Developmentally Disabled Residing in Developmental Homes

Sutton Lynn

Advisor: Carol Miller
Grammatical Salience and Blaming the Victim


Belinson Maureen

Advisor: Donald Forgays
Descriptive Analysis of Flotation Rest as a Function of Individual Difference

Finnegan-Ling Deborah

Advisor: Richard Musty
An Analysis of Changes in Pupillometric Scores as Function of Alcohol and Marijuana Consumption

Frawley Patrick

Advisor: Sara Burchard
The Assessment of Employee Goals and Satisfactions and their Relationship to Turnover Intentions and Performance in the Field of Mental Retardation

Mireault Gina

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Parent Death in Childhood, Perceived Vulnerability, and Adult Depression and Anxiety

Monsey Toni

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Why Parents Parent As They Do: Relationship Between Mothers' Epistemologies and their Communication Strategies with Their Children

Murphy Patricia

Advisor: Richard Musty
Adlerian Theory Applied to the Concept of Psychological Androgyny

Velez Blasini Carlos

Advisor: Herbert Leff & Dharam Yadav
Achievement Motivation as an Intervening Variable Linking Education, Literacy, and Organizational Participation to Modernization among Indian Peasants

Whalen Paul

Advisor: Bruce Kapp
Contributions of the Amygdaloid Central Nucleus to the Facilitation of the Nictitating Membrane Unconditioned Reflex in the Rabbit: Anatomical and Neurophysiological Considerations


Brand Pamela

Advisor: Carol Miller
The Relationship Between Obesity, Discrimination, and Victimization in Adult Women and Men

Johannesen Jennie

Advisor: Richard Musty
A Model of Huntington's Disease Using Intracaudal Injections of L-Pyroglutamic Acid in Young and Old Rats

Mayoral Georgyanna

Advisor: Robert Lawson & Richard Musty
A Cross-Cultural Study of the Relationship Between Work Environment, Job Satisfaction and Self-Esteem of Employees from Multinational Organizations Currently Operating in Puerto Rico

Peck Charles

Advisor: Mark Bouton
Context and Retrieval in Pavlovian Cross-Motivational Transfer

Weinstock Jacqueline

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Epistemological Expressions Among College Women in Two Contexts: Conflicts with Friends and Authorities


Downs Murna

Advisor: Lawrence Gordon
Working with a Psychiatric Disability

Ellenbogen Gary

Advisor: Herbert Leff
Collaborative Creative Problem Solving: The Performance of Real and Nominal Groups as a Function of Communication Apprehension Using a Qualitative Assessment Technique

Ginsburg Golda

Advisor: John Burchard
The Relationship Between Assertiveness and Self Evaluations in Children

Hutchins Fuhr Moira

Advisor: Sara Burchard
An Investigation of Methods to Increase Social Interaction of Persons Diagnosed as Mentally Retarded and Residing in an Institution

Rowley Mary Susan

Advisor: John Burchard
Does Diversion Divert? Comparison of Subsequent Offending by Delinquents Processed in Criminal Court to Those Processed by the Vermont Diversion Program

Thorn Robert

Advisor: Sara Burchard
Diagnostic Overshadowing: Implications for the Identification of Mental Health Needs Among People Who are Mentally Retarded


Pfennig Joyce

Advisor: Bruce Compas
Moment-to-Moment Changes in Response to a Simulated Stressful Event: An Examination of the Lazarus Stress and Coping Model

Sobrero Andrea

Advisor: Mark Bouton
Oral Administration of Morphine and the Effects of Environment-Drug Associations on Consumption and Withdrawal

Toro Haydee

Advisor: Sara Burchard
Exercise to Reduce Self-Injurious and Self-Stimulatory Behaviors in Community Settings

Weedon Jeremy

Advisor: David Howell
The Evaluation of Intervention Effects in Time Series Data, Using a Generalized Procedure Based on a High Order Autoregressive Noise Model


Felicio Diane

Advisor: Carol Miller
Groups, Individuals and the Person-Positivity Bias

Swartzentruber Dale

Advisor: Mark Bouton
A Role for Context in Hall-Pearce Negative Transfer

Widrick Gary

Advisor: Joseph Hasazi
The Effect of Citizen Advocacy Relationships on Advocate/Protege Satisfaction and Frequency of Interaction


Johnson Matthew

Advisor: Lawrence Gordon
Tailored Feedback Instrument Development: A Methodological Study

Quintiliani Anthony

Advisor: Herbert Leff
Effects of Reality Therapy on Adolescent Self-Esteem and Self-Discipline

Sunderland Patricia

Advisor: Herbert Leff
The Psychologization of Everyday Life

Yoe James

Advisor: Lawrence Gordon
Effects of Staffing Demands on Staff and Student in an Educational Service Setting


Creedon Stephanie

Advisor: Sara Burchard
The Impact of Size in Staffed Apartments and Intermediate Care Facilities on the Amount and Type of Client Behavior

Kelly Kim

Advisor: Lynne Bond
The Requesting Behaviors of Verbal Children with Impaired and Non-Impaired Language Skills

Pine Douglas

Advisor: Carol Miller
A Cumulative Look at the Antecedents and Outcomes of Organizational Commitment: A Meta-Analysis of 62 Studies

Thousand Jacqueline

Advisor: Sara Burchard
A Procedure to Determine Competencies Required for Manager and Staff Positions in Group Homes and Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Mental Retardation in the State of Vermont

White-Scaccia Adele

Advisor: Bruce Compas
Differential Recall for Schema Congruent Versus Schema Incongruent Information: A Mechanism Which May Contribute to Stereotype Rigidity


Conti Lisa

Advisor: Richard Musty
The Effects of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Applied to the Nucleus Accumbens on the Locomotor Activity in Rats

Fortini Mary Ellen

Advisor: Carol Miller
Developmental Differences in the Use of the Physical Attractiveness Stereotype

Riesenberg Robert

Advisor: Donald Forgays
Relationship of Stereotypic Wilderness and City Environmental Experiences with Anticipated Benefits to Psychological Well-Being


Laurence Linda

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Assessment of Infant Free Play in a Structured vs. a Naturalistic Setting and its Relationship to Cognitive Development

Rosen Julie

Advisor: Lynne Bond
The Effect of Goal Structure on Behavior of Severely Handicapped Children During Heterogeneous Group Games: A Description Analysis


Bevins Susan

Advisor: Ina Fitzhenry
Coor Toward a More Thorough Understanding of the Impact of the Women's Liberation Movement on Homemakers

Gibbs Elizabeth

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Acquisition of Memory Strategies Among Low and Average Achievers

Johnson Jeannette

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Patterns of Action of 12 Month-Old Infants

Meyer Elizabeth

Advisor: Joseph Hasazi
Environmental Quality and Resident Satisfaction in Residential Facilities for Mentally Retarded Adults

Pascoe Jeffrey

Advisor: Bruce Kapp
Benzodiazepine Effects on Heart Rate Conditioning in the Rabbit

Reilly Thomas

Advisor: Joseph Hasazi
Children's Conceptions of Death


Cioffari Annamarie

Advisor: Sara Burchard
An Investigation of Strategy Transfer with Mildly Retarded Women

Harding Courtenay

Advisor: Richard Musty
Life Assessment of a Cohort of Chronic Schizophrenics Discharged Twenty Years Ago

Segel Emily

Advisor: Joseph Hasazi
Analysis of Respite Care for the Mentally Retarded in Vermont

Semple William

Advisor: Justin Joffe & Richard Musty
The Effects of Chronic Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannibinol Administration on Food Intake, Body Weight, and 24 Hour Post-Injection Reactivity in Mice


Blanch Andrea

Advisor: Lawrence Gordon
Effects of Statistical and Episodic Presentation on Rated Importance of Deterrence Information

Clark Antonia

Advisor: David Damkot
Evaluation of an Undergraduate Program in Adult Development and Aging

Jette Alfred

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Further Investigation of the Beliefs, Attitudes and Expectancies about Babies Scale (BABES)

Livingston Joy

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Sexual Harassment of Working Women

Polston Pamela

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Mother-Child Interactions in a Free-Play Situation


Al Bayati Khalil

Advisor: Bruce Kapp & Richard Musty
The Effect of Hippocampal Stimulation on Spatial Memory in Rats

Applegate Craig

Advisor: Michaela Gallagher & Richard Musty
5.7 Dihydroxytryptamine Induced Muricide and Behavioral Reversal with Ventricular Administration of Serotonin in Rats

Frysinger Robert

Advisor: Richard Musty
Response Analysis of Amphetamine Effects on Bar-Grated Intro-Cranial Self-Stimulation

Toomey Mary

Advisor: Lynne Bond
An Investigation of a Task Demand X Cognitive Level Model of Memory


Petho Frank

Advisor: Donald Forgays
Drug Abuse at a Naval Air Station: The Frequency of its Occurrence and Some Related Attitudes


Cobb Eloise

Advisor: Harold Leitenberg
The Efficiency of Two Positive Reinforcement Suppression Procedures as a Function of Three Parameters of the Target Response

Kirk Raymond

Advisor: Mervyn Perrine
Effects of Alcohol and Central Task Demands Upon the Sensitivity of the Peripheral Visual Field

Lee Herbert

Advisor: Richard Musty
The Development of a Telecommunication System for Use in Psychological Research

Melzer Karen

Advisor: David Howell
Components of the Judgmental Process: Effects of Cue Presentation on I.Q. Estimates

Oxhorn Richard

Advisor: Samuel Dietzel
Creativity and the Primary Process: A Reassessment of the Notion of “Regression in the Service of the Ego”

Rubin Robert

Advisor: Herbert Leff
The Balance Theory of Fritz Heider: An Historical Critique and Experimental Evaluation

Russo I. Nicholas

Advisor: Bruce Kapp & Richard Musty
Passive Avoidance Learning Deficits Produced by Amygdala Lesions: Relationship with Pituitary-Adrenal System

Zunder Phillip

Advisor: Mervyn Perrine
The Effects of Alcohol and Prediction Outcome on the Detection of Peripheral Visual Signals


Lubin Robert

Advisor: Mervyn Perrine
Effects of Alcohol and Spurious Feedback Upon Actual and Judged Reaction Time and Upon Performance Awareness on a Divided Attention Task


Larkin Paul

Advisor: Joseph Hasazi
The Effect of a Manipulation in Classroom Noise Level on the Verbal Behavior in a Fourth Grade Teacher

Perry John Jr.

Advisor: James Ferguson & Herbert Leff
The Collection and Classification of Self-Reported Marijuana Use Patterns


Bowes Peter

Advisor: Richard Musty
Effect of Shock Intensity on the Acquisition of an Avoidance Response in Rats with Hippocamal Lesions

Gagnon Paulette

Advisor: Jon Rolf
Some Psychological Aspects of Staff and Mothers' Attitudes and Maternal Attachment Behavior in an Intensive Care Nursery

Godek Cynthia

Advisor: Robert Lawson
The Effects of Stimulus Duration, Time Between Presentation of Stimuli, and Magnitude of Disparity Upon Human Stereoscopic Depth Perception

Mulick James

Advisor: Harold Leitenberg
The Effects of Varying Reinforcement Density Provided for Competing Behavior in Extinction


Butz Robert Jr.

Advisor: Joseph Hasazi
The Use of Reinforcement in the Modification of Verbal Disorders in Mentally Retarded Children

Celani David

Advisor: Mark Kessler
Symptom Scheduling as a Treatment for Speech Anxiety: An Outcome Study

McKee John

Advisor: David Howell
The Effect of Problem Complexity on Response-Selection Rule in Hypothesis Testing: A Reconsideration of Levine's Theory

Steinberg Jakob

Advisor: James Ferguson
Fear Reactions, Attitude Change, Sex Differences, and Objective Vulnerability in Fear Arousing Communications


Annese Anthony

Advisor: Richard Musty
Effects of Vicarious Reinforcement Across Reinforcement Schedules

Callahan Edward

Advisor: Harold Leitenberg
Reinforced Practice as a Treatment for Acrophobia: A Controlled Outcome Study

Parchem Allen

Advisor: Richard Musty
Effects of Viewing Racial Information Under High or Low Insult-Induced Arousal States


Barnett Helen

Advisor: Mervyn Perrine
Effects of Interracial Contact on the Modification of Prejudice

Frey William

Advisor: Harold Leitenberg
The Effects of Sensory Isolation upon Stereoscopic Size and Distance

Greene Ronald

Advisor: Robert Lawson
The Effects of the Ponzo Wedge upon Stereoscopic Distance and Size

Nellans Teresa

Advisor: Wayne Patterson
The Perception of Musical Dyads

Pandina Robert

Advisor: Richard Musty
The Panum Phenomenon and Brightness Disparity

Thomson Laurence Jr.

Advisor: Harold Leitenberg
The Use of Reinforcement and Feedback in the Modification of Neurotic Behavior

Trzasko Joseph

Advisor: Daniel Forsyth
The Effect of Syntactic Cues on Ordered Recall


Bertsch Gregory

Advisor: Harold Leitenberg
An Experimental Comparison of Electric Shock and Non Reward in the FE Paradigm

Coughlin Richard Jr.

Advisor: Harold Leitenberg
Magnitude of the Frustration Effect as a Function of Percentage of Reinforcement

Richardson John

Advisor: Harold Leitenberg
Self-Injection of Amobarbital Sodium During Extinction of Food Reinforced Bar Pressing


Bader Jeanne

Advisor: Wayne Patterson
The Effects of Age and Differential Visual Stimulation During Development on Massed and Distributed Maze Learning Trials

Coppage Edwin

Advisor: Norman Slamecka
Effects of Item and Position Information upon Serial Learning Performance


Lavallee Robert

Advisor: Donald Forgays
The Effects of Various Visual and Motor Experiences Before Maturation on Problem-Solving at Maturity in Rats of Different Strains


Huber R. John

Advisor: Bennet Murdock
Imprinting: A Test of Innate Species Preference

LeMay Ernest

Advisor: Norman Slamecka
The Effects of Intertrial Interval and Rate of Presentation on the Learning and Retention of Prose Material


Crowley David

Advisor: James Chaplin
The Role of Prior Visual Experience in Maze Learning in Rats Subjected to Blinding and Occipital Lesions


Corson John

Advisor: Norman Slamecka
Methods of Predicting Rote Verbal Retention from Individual Learning Performance

Sears Olga

Advisor: Heinz Ansbacher
Relationships Between Aspects of Self-Concept and Personality Adjustment


Marvin John

Advisor: Heinz Ansbacher
A Validation of the Social Premises for Selecting Patients for Group Psychotherapy

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