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Department of Psychological Science Ph.D. Dissertation Titles

Listed below are the academic year of graduation and dissertation title for Ph.D. recipients of the University of Vermont Department of Psychological Science, as well as their research advisor(s).

Ph.D title archives 1966-2011


Hogan Julianna

Advisors: Michael Zvolensky and Rex Forehand
Distress Intolerance and Cannabis Use: An Initial Empirical Investigation

Rampy Nolan

Advisor: Elizabeth Pinel
Intuitions or Information Assumptions? An Investigation of the Psychological Factors Behind Moral Judgments


Chivers Laura L.

Advisor: Stephen Higgins
Understanding Everyday Decisions: An Examination of Biases in Decision-Making, Educational Attainment, and Use of Tobacco and Nicotine Delivery Products among Women of Reproductive Age

Dundon Carolyn M.

Advisor: Alessandra Rellini
The Cortisol/DHEA Ratio and Sexual Function in Women With and Without Depression

Fazzino Tera L.

Advisor: Gail Rose
Assessment Reactivity Within the Context of a Web-Based Brief Intervention for Alcohol Use

Hare Brendan D.

Advisor: William Falls
Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3-Beta: an Investigation of the Novel Serine 389 Phosphorylation Site

Kazenski Danra M.

Advisor: Barry Guitar
FNIRS Measures of Prefrontal Cortex Lateralization During Stuttered and Fluency-Enhanced Speech in Adults Who Stutter

Knapp F. Andrew

Advisor: Elizabeth Pinel
Factors in the Regulation of Cycles of Binge Eating Behavior

Lopez Alexa A.

Advisor: Stephen Higgins
Examining Impulsivity and Response to Incentive-Based Smoking-Cessation Treatment Among Pregnant Women

Patrick Mollie E.

Advisor: Stacey Sigmon
Role of Sensation Seeking in Sensitivity to d-amphetamine Reinforcement

Sitnikov Lilya

Advisor: Kelly Rohan
Emotion Regulation Strategies in Binge Eating Disorder: Rumination, Distress Tolerance, and Expectancies for Eating


Albaugh Matthew D.

Advisor: James Hudziak
Mapping Relations Between Cortico-Limbic Structure and Anxious/Depressed Symptoms Across Development in a Longitudinal Sample of Healthy Youths

Brush Lauren N.

Advisor: Timothy Stickle
Components of Conscience in Adolescents: Relations with Antisocial Behavior and Psychopathic Traits

Herrmann Evan S.

Advisor: Sarah Heil
Examining Delay Discounting of Condom-Protected Sex Among Opioid-Maintained Women and Non-Drug-Using Control Women

Langdon Kirsten A.

Advisor: Michael Zvolensky
Anxiety Sensitivity and Relapse to Smoking: Evaluating the Mediating Role of Negative Affect and Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Linnea Kate S.

Advisor: Betsy Hoza
Relations Among Athletic Ability, Sport Involvement, and Social Functioning in Children with and without Symptoms of ADHD

Lipatova Olga

Advisor: Donna Toufexis
The Role of Estrogen in Hippocampus- and Striatum-Dependent Memory Systems: The Putitative Involvement of the Serotonin 6 Receptor

Mazzulla Emily C.

Advisor: Alexandra Potter
Investigating the Neural Correlates of Relational Aggression Using a Social Conditioning Task

McCuin Tara M.

Advisor: Sondra Solomon
The Relationship of Existential Isolation, Stigma and Loneliness to Depression and Anxiety Among People Living With HIV/AIDS

Selkirk Laura C.

Advisor: Lynne Bond
Measuring College Students' Epistemological Beliefs

Vurbic Drina

Advisor: Mark Bouton
Rapid Reacquisition of Instrumental Behavior After Extinction


Baer Julie R.

Advisor: Robert Althoff
Psychopathology and Functional Impairment in Children with Subsyndromal Autistic Traits

Bradstreet Matthew P.

Advisor: Stephen Higgins
A Human Laboratory Model of Initial Smoking Abstence and Relapse Risk

Garai Emily P.

Advisor: Rex Forehand
Moderators of 12-Month Outcomes of a Family Group Cognitive Behavior Intervention with Families of Depressed Parents

Kalisz Joanne

Advisor: Carol Miller
Teens' Experiences with Age-Based Discrimination and Stereotypes Are Related to Psychological Maladjustment and Behavioral Confirmation of Teen Stereotypes

Lekka Shamila K.

Advisor: Susan Crockenberg
Pathways Explaining the Development of Parenting Attitudes in Fathers

Leyro Teresa M.

Advisor: Michael Zvolensky
The Interaction of Nicotine Withdrawl and Panic Disorder Status in the Prediction of Panic-Relevant Responding to a Biological Challenge

Lezak Kimberly M.

Advisor: Sayamwong (Jom) Hammack
Anxiety and Stress: Interactions Between Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Peptide and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis

Marini Victoria A.

Advisor: Timothy Stickle
Relations Among Emotional Reactivity, Emotion Management, and Motives for Cannabis Use in Juvenile Offenders

McQuade Julia D.

Advisor: Betsy Hoza & Dianna Murray-Close
Cognitive Mechanisms of Social Competence in School-Age Children: An Examination of Working Memory, Social Information Processing, and ADHD Symptoms

Nillni Yael I.

Advisor: Kelly Rohan
The Effect of Anxiety Sensitivity and Menstrual Cycle Phase on Panic-Relevant Responding to a Carbon Dioxide Challenge

Slock Ana V.

Advisor: Robert Althoff
Characterizing Oppositional Behavior in Children: Latent Class Structure, Associated Psychopathology, and Adult Outcomes

Todd Travis P.

Advisor: Mark Bouton
Mechanisms of Renewal After the Extinction of Instrumental Behavior


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