University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Psychological Science

Getting A Psychological Science Advisor

You will be assigned a psychological science faculty advisor if you declare psychological science as your major when you first enroll at the University of Vermont. Students who are switching from another major or from "Undecided status" to a psychological science major should declare the psychological science major using the online form. You will then be automatically assigned a psychological science advisor. Your academic advisor will also contact you at the beginning of a semester and during the semester. The information from your academic advisor will contain important information.

Use the online academic advising request form when you wish to make an advising appointment. You should come in to walk in hours or meet with the Peer Advisors prior to the pre-registration period each semester to discuss your progress towards fulfilling your degree requirements.

Now that you are a psychological science major, the Department strongly advises that you meet in person at least once per semester with your academic advisor. It is the student's responsibility to schedule the appointment using the online academic advising request form and attend the meeting at the agreed upon time. It is important to confer with your psychological science faculty advisor at least once per semester while following carefully the College of Arts & Sciences degree requirements.

Last modified February 09 2018 02:11 PM