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Sarah Heil

Human Behavioral Pharmacology

Sarah Heil

Sarah Heil
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Associate Professor of Psychological Science

  • B.A. Wittenberg University, 1992
  • Ph.D. Dartmouth College, 1997
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Phone: (802) 656-8714
Room: FAHC-UHC Room 1415

Faculty, Vermont Center on Behavior and Health
Faculty, Substance Abuse Treatment Center
Faculty, Human Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory
Faculty, Behavioral Pharmacology of Drug Dependence Training Program

Drug abuse treatments for pregnant and postpartum women, including behavioral treatments such as contingency management and pharmacological treatments such as opioid replacement therapies.


Vermont Center on Behavior and Health: The Vermont Center on Behavior and Health (VCBH) is an interdisciplinary center of research excellence committed to investigating relationships between personal behavior patterns (i.e., lifestyle) and risk for chronic disease and premature death.

Human Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory (HBPL): This facility of 6,000 sq. ft., is located adjacent to the University of Vermont (UVM) campus in Burlington and is the site for laboratory research in drug self-administration, drug discrimination, and the direct effects of drugs and for treatment studies for smoking cessation.

Substance Abuse Treatment Center (SATC): This facility of 2,900 sq. ft., is also located adjacent to the UVM campus, and is our site for the development and testing of scientifically-based behavioral and pharmacological treatments for cocaine and opioid dependence as well as smoking cessation for pregnant women. For addtional information on the Substance Abuse Treatment Center3.

Representative Publications

  • Heil, S.H., Herrmann, E.S., Badger, G.J., Solomon, L.J., Bernstein, I.M., & Higgins, S.T. (in press). Examining the timing of changes in cigarette smoking upon learning of pregnancy. Preventive Medicine.
  • Gaalema, D.E., Heil, S.H., Metayer, J.S., & Johnston, A.M. (2013). Time to initiation of treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome in neonates exposed in utero to buprenorphine or methadone. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 133, 266-269.
  • Heil, S.H., Gaalema, D.E., & Herrmann, E.S. (2012). Incentives to promote family planning. Preventive Medicine, 55, Suppl 1, S106-112.
  • Heil, S.H., Gaalema, D.E., Johnston, A.M., Sigmon, S.C., Badger, G.J., & Higgins, S.T. (2012). Infant pupillary response to methadone administration during treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome: A feasibility study. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 126, 268-271.
  • Jones, H.E., Kaltenbach, K., Heil, S.H., Stine, S.M., Coyle, M.G., Arria, A.M., O’Grady, K.E., Selby, P., Martin, P.R., & Fischer, G. (2010). Neonatal abstinence syndrome following methadone or buprenorphine exposure. New England Journal of Medicine, 363, 2320-2331. PMC3073631
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