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Career Options

Two hands touching There is a broad range of careers open to individuals who have earned degrees in psychology. Psychologists traditionally study both normal and abnormal functioning, and also treat patients with mental and emotional problems. They also concentrate on behaviors that affect the mental and emotional health and mental functioning of healthy human beings. For example, they work with business executives, performers, and athletes to reduce stress and improve performance. They advise lawyers on jury selection and collaborate with educators on school reform. Immediately following a disaster, such as a plane crash or bombing, psychologists help victims and bystanders recover from the trauma, or shock, of the event. They team with law enforcement and public health officials to analyze the causes of such events and prevent their occurrence. Involved in all aspects of our fast-paced world, psychologists must keep up with what's happening all around us. When you're a psychologist, your education never ends.

Many psychologists work independently. They also team up with other professionals-for example, other scientists, physicians, lawyers, school personnel, computer experts, engineers, policymakers, and managers-to contribute to every area of society. Thus, we find them in laboratories, hospitals, courtrooms, schools and universities, community health centers, prisons, and corporate offices.

How Can the Department of Psychological Science Help Me Reach My Career Goals?

The Department of Psychological Science is committed to helping you reach your career goals. Because our mission is education and training, we cannot help you locate potential employment: that role is handled by UVM's Office of Career Services. However, the Department offers several areas that can enhance your career potential, including:

  • getting research experience in a faculty member's laboratory
  • writing letters of recommendation
  • providing basic coursework required by most employers
  • working with you to develop independent study experiences in the community
  • suggesting library and web sources for further information about your career choices

Excellent Sites to Explore on the Web

Below are listed some sites that have multiple links to pages devoted specifically to careers in psychology.

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