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Undergraduate Award Winners: 2013

2012 award winners

(L-R) Prof. William Falls, Willard Gove, Hannah Woolfolk, Lindsay Gabel, Prof. Dianna Murray-Close, Chelsea Krisanda, Tracie Ebalu

Tracie I. Ebalu (George Albee Award)

Tracie was awarded a McNair Scholarship, a program designed to prepare underrepresented undergraduate students for doctoral studies through involvement in research. She examined the relationship between post-migration stressors (unemployment/underemployment, community support, language barriers, and educational level) and negative mental health outcomes (anxiety, depression, and PTSD) among refugees and asylum seekers. After graduation, Tracie is looking forward to working with Dr. Karen Fondacaro in creating a post-migration stressor questionnaire.

Lindsay N. Gabel (Heinz Ansbacher Award)

Inspired by her experiences as a teaching assistant for PSYC 1, Lindsay's honors thesis investigated the relationship between metacognitive skill and academic performance in first-semester psychology students. Her research involved designing and implementing a short-term program of instruction in which students were trained in either metacognitive strategies or rehearsal and review strategies. Next year she will be teaching psychology at a college in Singapore through an international fellowship position with Princeton in Asia.

Willard N. Gove (John Dewey Award)

Working in Dr. John Green’s laboratory, Will learned how to investigate and record learning and behavior in rat animal models. This led to the successful application for a Summer Internship Grant, allowing him to work in Burlington on his thesis through the summer of 2012. Will’s thesis examines the effects of a particular neuropeptide, secretin, on rat eyeblink classical conditioning, specifically when infused to one of two specific areas of the cerebellar cortex. In previous research, secretin has been found to facilitate this type of learning.

Chelsea S. Krisanda (Donald Forgays Outstanding Senior Award)

Chelsea completed a three-semester independent with Dr. Rex Forehand that included hands-on experience coding videotapes of parent interactions with their children as part of an parenting intervention program. In this project, parents of young children with oppositional defiant and conduct disorders were taught parenting skills addressing the child's behavior problems. Chelsea is currently working as a crisis interventionist for the Howard Center and applying to medical schools for Fall 2014.

Hannah C. Woolfolk (John Dewey Award)

Hannah began her undergraduate research as a junior in the Family Development Lab, run by Dr. Jamie Abaied. She was awarded the Undergraduate Research Award during the summer of 2012 and continued her research through the summer, becoming an integral part in the planning and running of a new child study, The Parents and Peers Project. She will continue to work in the Family Development Lab over the summer of 2013, and will shift her focus to childhood temperament, adjustment, and marital conflict as a member of UVM Psychology graduate class of 2013.

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