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Undergraduate Award Winners: 2009

2009 award winners

Back, L-R Prof. Robert Lawson, Steven Babbin, Prof. William Falls
Front Claire Bollinger, Nicole Wilner, Katlyn Watkins

Claire E. Bollinger (John Dewey Award)

Claire is examining the effects of voluntary exercise on forebrain- and cerebellum-dependent learning in a rat model of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder under the supervision of Professor John Green. This is technically challenging work. Despite this, Claire has shown extraordinary skill and dedication in seeing this work through. In addition to her accomplishments in the laboratory, Claire is completing a pre-med curriculum and has demonstrated outstanding achievement in her coursework. Claire will be working for Teach for America following graduation in May.

Carolyn M. Dundon (Donald Forgays Outstanding Senior Award)

Carolyn is an exemplary student and scholar who, under the guidance of Professor Alessandra Rellini, has been carrying out research exploring the sexual response of sexual abuse survivors. Carolyn is a leader in the lab and has presented her work at an international conference where her work was well received. Carolyn is planning on beginning her Ph.D. studies in clinical psychology at UVM this fall.

Steven F. Babbin (Donald Forgays Outstanding Senior Award)

Steve is this year's co-recipient for his extraordinary work with Professor Jom Hammack investigating the relationship between two brain regions whose activation produces anxiety-like behavior. Steve has been a model academic; he is intellectual and thoughtful in his approach to science, and a terrific student. He is particularly interested in experimental and applied psychology with a quantitative focus, and has been accepted to several graduate programs that will foster this interest. We are excited that he is well on his way to becoming an independent investigator in the science of psychology. He will be an asset to our field.

Katlyn C. Watkins (George Albee Award)

For over 2 and one half years Kate has conducted outstanding research on the prevention of depression and other mental health problems of children under the guidance of Professor Rex Forehand. Her efforts in the classroom and in the lab are marked by a strong work ethic, intelligence and a high degree of skill.

Nicole J. Wilner (Heinz Ansbacher Award)

Nikki has shown outstanding dedication to children and families and has carried out research with Professor Betsy Hoza examining children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Displaying incredible breadth, she has also made important contributions in the laboratory of Professor Jom Hammack, exploring neural mechanisms that underlie behaviors related to anxiety. She plans a career in child clinical psychology.

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