University of Vermont

College of
Agriculture and Life Sciences

Department of Plant and Soil Science

Plant and Soil Science Seminar Series

PSS 394: Spring 2018 Seminars

Friday, 12:00 - 1:00pm
Location: Jeffords 127

Coordinating committee: Terry Bradshaw, Ernesto Mendez, Kristian Brevik, Edward Marques, Rachel Mason, Allen Wilder
For more information contact Terry Bradshaw <>

Seminars are free and open to the public.

All are Welcome!

Appreciation is due to the William T. Raymond Memorial Fund for making this series possible.

Feb 9 Northern agriculture under climate change; a Newfoundland perspective Adrian Unc, Professor School of Science and the Environment, Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada
Feb 16

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Research Results: from Water Quality to Ecological Aesthetics

Stephanie Hurley, Assistant Professor, Plant and Soil Science UVM

Gund Institute Conference Room (Johnson House - 617 Main St

Feb 23 New Crops for New Markets in the Northeastern US: Research and Outreach Activities to Benefit Farmers and Consumers Frank Mangan, Extension Professor University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Mar 2 Water Quality Impacts of a Wood Chip Bioreactor Treatment System Receiving Silage Bunker Runoff Deborah Kraft, M.S. candidate, PSS Advisor Stephane Hurley
Mar 9 Urine Diversion and Use as Fertilizer Rich Earth Institute
Mar 16 Spring Break  
Mar 23 Ecological consequences of solar installations in New England and nationwide Seeta Sistla, Assistant Professor of Ecosystem Ecology, Hampshire College, Amherst Massachusetts
Mar 30 Biological Control with Entomopathogenic nematodes: Is a more sustainable classical approach feasible or are we stuck in a bio-pesticide paradigm? Elson Sheilds, Professor of Entomology, Cornell University
Apr 6 RNA viruses in Vermont bumble bees and the role of flowers in transmission Samantha Alger, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Biology Department, UVM
Apr 13    
Apr 20   Rachel Mason, M.S. candidate PSS Advisor Josef Gorres
Apr 27 Is Asian earthworm invasion causing unexpected ecosystem function change? Chih-Han Chang, Assistant Research Scientist, Earth & Planetary Sciences Department, Johns Hopkins University Maryland
May 4    

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