University of Vermont

College of
Agriculture and Life Sciences

Department of Plant and Soil Science

Graduate Alumni

  • Ted Auch Ted Auch
    Ph.D., Class of 2009
  • Ted works in Renewables and Environment at The Fractracker Alliance
    Cleveland State University.

  • Juan Alvez Juan Alvez
    M.S., Class of 2005
  • Juan also obtained a Ph.D. Natural Resources at UVM. In 2012, Juan joined the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture as a Pasture Program Technical Coordinator. His work addresses environmental, social and productive aspects of grazing farms, with emphasis on dairy management, ecosystems conservation and sustainable livelihoods in VT and New England.

  • add alt tag Joshua Bakelaar
    M.S., Class of 2012
  • In 2013 Joshua began working for ANCA (Adirondack North Country Association) as their Agricultural Program Coordinator. ANCA promotes grazing in Northern NY and develops prescribed grazing plans with farmers. 

  • add alt tag Linda Boccuzzo
    M.S., Class of 2001
  • Linda is a GC/HPLC Extractable Data Review Analyst at Severn Trent Laboratories in Colchester, Vermont. Linda reviews data from samples that have been analyzed for pesticides, diesel/motor oil fuels, alkyl tins, herbicides and explosive residues.

  • add alt tag Rebecca Bourgault
    Ph.D., Class of 2014
  • Rebecca is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Science at Delaware Valley University.

  • add alt tag Cheryl Bruce
    M.S., Class of 2003
  • Cheryl works for Vermont Organic Farmers, LLC, the certification branch of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) and is a staff writer for their seasonal newsletter Nofa Notes; printed four times a year. She has also written for several local publications. 

  • Dana Christel Dana Christel
    M.S., Class of 2016
  • .

  • add alt tag Brian Darby
    Ph.D., Class of 2008
  • After finishing his dissertation with Dr. Deborah Neher, Brian completed his post-doctoral research Kansas State University with Dr. Michael Herman. Brian is currently on faculty at the University of North Dakota, Department of Biology, teaching Ecology and Ecological Genomics, and heads a research lab in Soil Ecology and Ecological Genomics.

  • add alt tag Thomas DiPietro
    M.S., Class of 2005
  • Thomas currently works at the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. His primary responsibility is permitting the MSGP, a Federally mandated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. This permit requires that the regulated industrial activities undertaken by both private and municipal entities be conducted in a manner that prevents and minimizes contamination of storm water runoff.

  • add alt tag Dr. Mohammed El Darmir
    Ph.D., Class of 2005
  • Mohammed is currently Technical Director for a mid-western pest control firm. His duties involve developing written field pest management procedures and providing identification of insects and other arthropods for company technicians and the public. He is a board member in the commercial division of the National Pest Management Association and is on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Pest Management Association.

  • add alt tag Melissa Hayden
    M.S., Class of 2004
  • Melissa works for the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service. In 2010, she became a District Conservationist for NRCS in Eastern RI.  Melissa works with a variety of agricultural producers, including livestock, orchard, and vegetable growers, as well as on wildlife projects, providing technical and financial assistance to help landowners conserve natural resources on their properties.

  • add alt tag Victor Izzo
    Ph.D., Class of 2013
  • Vic Izzo currently teaches at UVM in both Plant & Soil Science, and Plant Biology as part of the BCOR curriculum. He also works at Champlain College in the Environmental Policy Program where he teaches Environmental Science and acts as a student adviser for incoming freshman. During the summers Vic helps lead the Food Systems Breakthrough Leaders Program at UVM.. You can also catch Vic on the radio on 105.9 The Radiator in Burlington, VT. For more info you can check out his blog,

  • add alt tag Austin Jamison
    M.S., Class of 2004
  • Austin is the Blue Ridge Division Coordinator for Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage in Charlottesville, Virginia. He overseas native warm season grass meadow and wetland restoration projects in central and western Virginia and is also engaged in landowner outreach and invasive species control.

  • add alt tag Dr. Houping Liu
    Ph.D., Class of 2001
  • Houping is a former entomology graduate student in Plant and Soil Science is presently a research associate in the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University. His current research involves microbial control and natural enemy studies of emerald ash borer and Asian longhorned beetle.
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  • add alt tag Andrea Luchini
    M.S., Class of 2005
  • Andra is employed as the lead horticulturalist at Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home in Manchester VT.

  • add alt tag Sandra Menasha
    M.S., Class of 2005
  • Sandra is the new Vegetable/Potato Extension Specialist at the Long Island Horticulture Research and Extension Center.  Her primary responsibilities include being responsible for providing leadership in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of the extension potato and vegetable educational program; and the development and evaluation of crop pest and nutrient management, sustainable and environmental stewardship programs.

  • add alt tag Katlyn Morris
    Ph.D., Class of 2013
  • Katlyn teaches courses on sustainable agriculture and international environmental studies in the Department of Plant & Soil Science and the Environmental Program at UVM.

  • add alt tag Tharshani Nishanthan
    Ph.D., Class of 2012
  • Ecologist, Plant and Soil Scientist
    Toronto, Canada
    University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka

  • add alt tag Meryl Richards
    Ph.D., Class of 2013
  • Meryl is currently employed by UVM in the GUND Institute, specializing in pro-poor mitigation. Meryl is also the CCAFSScience officer with CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security.

  • add alt tag Nathanial Sands
    M.S., Class of 2003
  • Before Nathan was a PSS graduate student, he earned a BS in Urban Forestry and Landscape Horticulture from PSS. Nathan currently works for the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets as an Agriculture Water Quality Specialist.

  • add alt tag Cheryl E. Frank Sullivan
    M.S., Class of 2012
  • Cheryl is a Research Technician at  the University of Vermont, Entomology Research Laboratory. She specializes in scientific research relating to the biological control and integrated pest management of floricultural pests. She also provides educational outreach to commercial greenhouse growers around VT.

  • add alt tag Eamon Twohig
    M.S., Class of 2012
  • Eamon is currently employed as an Environmental Analyst at State of Vermont,  Montpelier, Vermont Watershed Management Division, Residuals Management Program. Eamon oversees the management of residuals, such as septage and wastewater sludge (aka biosolids) for the State. Eamon is available and welcomes contact at his Linked In account.

  • add alt tag Tyler Webb
    M.S., Class of 2002
  • Tyler owns a farm in Fairfield, VT. They milk 75 organic dairy cows and finish close to 20 grass finished beef on 300 owned acres, Stony Pond Farm. Tyler's farm is a part of Organic Valley's farmer-owned cooperative.

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