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All travel on University business must be coordinated through your major advisor. In-state and out-of-state expenditure forms are available in the mailroom (Rm. 12 Hills). In-state forms can be completed after returning however, out-of-state forms require University approval and must be initially filed prior to departure. A second form is required once the travel has been completed.

Use of Departmental Vehicles

Only students with a valid U.S. or Canadian driver’s license and who have attended the UVM Vehicle Safety Training Workshop may drive a state vehicle! For a list of times when vehicle safety training is offered, please visit the Risk Management web site. A state vehicle is an expensive and important piece of equipment that has been purchased with departmental funds. At all times, we must drive in a courteous manner, adhere to state and local laws (particularly the speed limit), and use vehicles only for state business. Any ticket received while driving Departmental/University vehicles is the responsibility of the student.

The Department has a 11-passenger van.The sign-out for the van is located in the upper right cabinet next to the copier in 117. Be sure that the van is returned to the parking section closest to Main Street, the lower lot.

When using departmental vehicles:

  • Treat them as you would your own
  • When you borrow the vehicle, be sure to sign it out on the Department Resources calendar
  • Fill out the Trip Log properly, indicating miles traveled, your name and a budget number
  • Be sure the tank is over 1/2 full when returned. If you need to fill the vehicle upon your return, you can take it to any gas station and use the card located in the leather case attached to the keyring.Be certain that you do not keep the code # with the keys and credit card!
  • Report any accident or damage immediately to your major advisor and follow the guidelines
  • If you have a mechanical problem with the van, report the problem to Anne Marie Resnik. (Rm. 117 Jeffords, 656-2630)

Graduate Student Senate Mini-Grant travel funds

The Graduate College provides mini-travel grants to help students underwrite the cost of attending conferences where they will present papers or posters of their research. The Mini-Grants Program is administered by the Graduate Student Advisory Council. Funds are awarded three times per year. The student's home department must provide a match. Further information on the Mini-Grants Program is available at the Graduate Student Senate Website.

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