University of Vermont

College of
Agriculture and Life Sciences

Department of Plant and Soil Science

Departmental Seminar

Graduate students, like faculty, are expected to attend departmental seminars. The Graduate Coordinator will post, by E-mail, all seminars in related fields that are held on the UVM campus (including: Biology, Botany, Environmental Studies, Forestry, Natural Resources, etc.). Semp>

All M.S. students are expected to give a formal departmental seminar immediately prior to their scheduled final thesis defense. A notice of the seminar and abstract of the thesis must be sent out to all Plant and Soil Science faculty at least 2 weeks prior to the presentation.

All Ph.D. students are expected to give two formal departmental seminars. The first will be early in their graduate program (usually the beginning of the third semester) and will focus on a review of the literature, proposed research, and research progress made to date. The second will be scheduled in conjunction with the defense of the dissertation. A notice of the final seminar and an abstract of the dissertation must be sent out to all Plant and Soil Science faculty at least 2 weeks prior to the final seminar.

ALL PSS graduate students are required to attend Departmental seminars. Students on a teaching assistantship (GTA) should sign up for the course (PSS 295/296) for 1 credit offered as a P/NP option while those students that are self-funded or grant funded may sign up for credit at the discretion of their advisor and advisory committee but are not required to take the seminar for credit. Regardless, ALL graduate students will be expected to attend seminar, with the understanding that exceptions may occur and should be handled through the student's advisory committee.

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