University of Vermont

College of
Agriculture and Life Sciences

Department of Plant and Soil Science

Notes of Importance

Things to do upon arrival

After you arrive, Please contact the department business manager, Pat Englert,  for details regarding payroll paperwork which can be sent to you you electronically or via snail mail prior to your arrival on campus or picked up in room 117 Jeffords.  Deadlines for the first September payroll are generally around mid August so please submit as early as possible.. Anne-Marie Resnik (Room 117, Jeffords Hall), will furnish you with a key to your office/lab. Anne-Marie will also give you a mailbox in the mailroom as well as a photocopier account number (you should obtain a copier code from your faculty advisor, for research purposes).Next, visit Josef Gorres, PSS Graduate Coordinator, (Room 258, Jeffords Hall), for brief instructions and orientation to the facilities. Finally, you should meet with your advisor for information on course registration and research options.

After meeting with your advisor, I would recommend going to the CATcard Service Center located Billings Library, Room B150 48 University Place to obtain your photo ID.Once you have your ID, Anne Marie (room 117 Jeffords) can grant you building access.

Additionally, once you have an ID, you can visit Transportation and Parking Services (38 Fletcher Place Burlington), to obtain a parking permit (please note that these are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis, and only for students living at least 1/2 mile from campus). There is a charge for a parking permit which varies depending on which parking area you select.

Continuous registration

After a student is admitted to the Graduate School at UVM and enrolls for the first time, he/she is required to maintain continuous registration, (i.e.: remain enrolled each semester, excluding summer sessions, until he/she has graduated). Students who violate this policy without a request for a formal leave-of-absence will be required to apply for readmission if they wish to resume their graduate studies here at UVM.

Students who have completed all credits required for the degree but have not completed all graduation requirements must enroll each semester for Continuous Registration (GRAD 900) and pay a $100 Continuous Registration fee each semester until all degree requirements are completed.

For more information regarding the policies of Continuous Registration, please see here.

Personal Safety and Building Security

Please take all precautions to protect yourself and the contents of Jeffords Hall. Campus security officers patrol the building at night. The exterior doors are locked at 10:00 PM weekdays and are locked at all times on weekends and holidays. If you are using any of the offices/classrooms on the ground floor, be sure that all windows are closed prior to your leaving the room. Police Services is available to shuttle you to your car in a remote parking lot if you feel unsafe. Also, emergency phones (lit with a blue light) are located around campus. The number for campus police is 802-656-FIRE.

Lastly, in the case of an emergency, dial 911 from any campus phone. Please report any concerns or suggestions about personal or building security/safety to the Graduate Coordinator or Department Chair, Deborah Neher (117 Jeffords Hall).

Note: All laboratory workers are required to take on line and classroom courses as described at:

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