University of Vermont

College of
Agriculture and Life Sciences

Department of Plant and Soil Science

Departmental Policies and Procedures

Desk (Office) Assignments

Desk assignments are made for each incoming graduate student. An effort is made to group graduate students in rooms on the second and third floor of Jeffords Hall. The rooms used for graduate students are: Rm. 200, 204, 207, 230, 252 and 354. For those students in entomology, desk space is available at the Entomology laboratory on Spear Street and also will be allocated in Jeffords Hall as desired in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator. Desks and lockers are also available at the Bailey-Howe Library for graduate students and are located on the 3rd floor. Requests for space at the library must be made directly with Bailey Howe Library.


All students on fellowships are expected to be available at all times, even when school is not in session. This is particularly true for Fall and Spring breaks. Your employment is for a 12-month period. Therefore, you are also expected to continue to conduct your own research and assist your advisor with their research during the summer months. Summer is NOT a vacation! Vacation time must be pre-arranged with your advisor. Students must keep in mind that this is a period of professional training that requires dedication, time and effort!


Graduate student mailboxes are located on the second floor of Jeffords at the north end stairwell. Each graduate student is given a mailbox.

UPS and FedEx make routine deliveries to Jeffords. For pick-up, see Anne-Marie Resnik for mailers and to have them phone-in the pick-up request (there is an extra charge for phoned in pick-up requests!). To avoid extra service call fees, you can take your FedEx packages to 201 Stafford Hall. Be sure to have a PMC, or bar coded mail card, available on the package for them to charge to. OR you can arrange for your own pick-up using the following websites:

The preferred carrier by UVM contracts is UPS. Please use them if at all possible.

Telephone usage

Most graduate offices have a multi-user telephone. Each phone extension has voicemail. To reach off-campus exchanges, dial 9 for local numbers. Long distance calls require a special code. If you require access to long-distance service, see you major advisor. All calls made within UVM start with 6 plus the last four digits of the extension.


The Department has two photocopy machines available for graduate student use. The best machine is located on the second floor, south end of Jeffords. See Anne-Marie Resnik to get your access code or your major advisor. Your use of the machine should be limited to academic purposes. All copies are charged to your major advisor’s budget. Please establish with your advisor any limitations on your photocopying privileges.

For journals or texts that do not circulate, photocopiers exist in the library for your convenience. These copiers do not use the same access code as the Department. You must obtain a special debit card from the CATcard office (located in the UVM Bookstore). Charges made to this card will be debited against your major advisor’s budget. For personal copies, you can use your University student ID CATcard. Copies made from this account will be billed directly to you.

Typing by Departmental Secretaries

The Department cannot provide routine secretarial services for graduate students. Thesis and coursework word-processing are the responsibility of the graduate student. Most professors have computers available for their own graduate students to use or they may purchase one for you.

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