University of Vermont

College of
Agriculture and Life Sciences

Department of Plant and Soil Science


The departmental computer consultant for PC's

For computer assistance

Departmental Computer/Peripheral Equipment

Located in Room 12A Hills.

Equipment that is available includes:

  • One Dell PC with CD-writer
  • One Dell PC with DVD writer
  • UMAX Astra 4000 U (flatbed scanner)
  • Nikon Cool Scan II and SF-200 (35 mm slide scanners)

Equipment networked in Located in Room 12A Hills includes:

  • Supplies for use with the copier are provided by the Department however a $0.25 per page charge is imposed (regardless of quality!) for any color or B & W printouts
  • any copies made on the Canon photocopier/printer will be assessed $0.04 for B & W and $0.25 for color

Equipment networked in Located in Room 117 Jeffords includes:

Software Available

Software is available for graduate student use. This includes the latest suite version of Microsoft Office. You will need to use your UVM email login and password to gain access to the UVM Software Archive. Please note: The University of Vermont does not condone unauthorized copying (pirating) of software by University employees and students. Consult with David Deutl, Stefanie Ploof or CIT with any questions.

Student E-mail and WWW Access

All students at the University of Vermont are given an E-mail account when they arrive. Students also have unlimited access to the World Wide Web through the computers available in Rm. 12A and the Student Resource Room (Rm. 229). Obtain your e-mail account.

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