University of Vermont

College of
Agriculture and Life Sciences

Department of Plant and Soil Science

Katlyn S. Morris


Katlyn S. Morris, Ph.D.

  • Ph.D. Agroecology and Rural Livelihoods Group, UVM, 2012
  • M.A. International Relations & Environmental Policy, Boston University, MA 2007
  • B.A. Environmental Science & Hispanic Studies Connecticut College, New London CT 2002
Areas of Expertise

Tropical smallholder agriculture; food security & farmer livelihoods; agroecology

I utilize an interdisciplinary approach in my research and teaching on the complex relationship between humans and the environment, with a regional focus on Latin America.  My interests include understanding what motivates farmers to conserve or degrade the environment, and how sustainable agriculture can support livelihoods and food security for small-scale coffee farmers

Contact Information
Phone: (802) 656-0483
Office Hours: by appointment
Website:Faculty Website

Courses Taught:

  • PSS 003/ENVS 095: Coffee Ecologies and Livelihoods
  • PSS 195/196: Agriculture, Environment, and Development in Latin America
  • PSS 021: Ecological Agriculture (summer session)
  • ENVS 002: International Environmental Studies

Recent Publications:

Morris, K.S.,, I.L.Nelson, V.E. Méndez, & S.H. Ali (Eds) (2015). International Environmental Studies. First Edition. San Diego, CA: Cognella, Inc.

Morris, K.S., V.E. Méndez, S.T. Lovell & M.B. Olson (2013). Conventional Food Crop Management in an Organic Coffee Cooperative: Explaining the Paradox. Journal of Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems 37(7), 762-787.

Morris, K.S., V.E. Méndez, & M.B. Olson. (2013) ‘Los Meses Flacos’: Seasonal Food Insecurity in a Salvadoran Organic Coffee Cooperative. Journal of Peasant Studies.

Olson, M.B., K.S. Morris & V.E. Méndez. (2012) Cultivation of maize landraces by small-scale shade coffee farmers in western El Salvador. Agricultural Systems.

Méndez, V. E., S. Castro-Tanzi, K. Goodall, K.S. Morris, C.M. Bacon, P. Laderach, et al. (2011) Livelihood and environmental trade-offs of climate mitigation in smallholder coffee agroforestry systems. In E. K. Wollenberg, M. Grieg-Gran & M.L. Tapio-Biström (Eds.), Designing agricultural mitigation for smallholders in developing countries. Earthscan: London.

Méndez, V.E., C.M. Bacon, M. Olson, K.S. Morris, & A.K. Shattuck. (2010) Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Shade Coffee Smallholder Livelihoods in Central America. Special Issue on Geographic Contributions to Agrobiodiversity Research. Professional Geographer 62 (3), 357-376.

Lovell, S.T., S. DeSantis, C. Nathan, M.B. Olson, E. Méndez, H.C. Kominami, D.L. Erickson, K.S. Morris, & W.B. Morris. (2010) Integrating Agroecology and Landscape Multifunctionality in Vermont: A Framework to Evaluate the Design of Agroecosystems. Agricultural Systems 103 (5), 327-341.