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Hello, I am Deborah Neher, Chair of the Plant and Soil Science Department at the University of Vermont. I consider myself a soil ecologist and agrocologist. I grew up on a family farm and feel a personal connection to the land.  As department chair, one of my goals is to develop a department that educates students to use nature as a model in food production, landscaping, conservation, and remediation. Our programs in Ecological Agriculture and Sustainable Landscape Horticulture are integrative sciences based on a strong foundation in ecology and priority given to experiential learning.  We aim to provide students with tools for innovation in wise use of natural resources. Our majors can help prepare you for jobs in production, retail and services of ornamental horticulture, production of specialty crops for food, medical and energy, and recycling damaged lands.

Dr. Deborah Neher, Department Chair (video 1:36 min)

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