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Our Student Services professionals assist students in all stages, from planning a schedule or declaring a concentration to connecting with Career Services and networking with alumni. Our office is in the Plant and Soil Science departmental office, room 117 of Jeffords. Email our student services.

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Academics aside, you are encouraged to push your limits while enrolled here. Consider internships, clubs, organizations, an honors program, study abroad and more while enrolled. Learn more about student opportunities.

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Recommendations for Graduate School

The following courses are recommendations for SLH and ECAG majors who are considering graduate school following the completion of their degree programs. This is a suggestion list. For the best potential outcomes, students should work closely with their academic advisor. Your academic advisor can help you to tailor your plan of undergraduate study to best meet your post-graduation needs.

Foundation Courses:

  1. Replace a year of Biology with BCOR 11 and 12
  2. Replace CHEM 23 with CHEM 31 and CHEM 32
  3. Replace CHEM 26 with CHEM 141 and CHEM 142
  4. Replace MATH 010 with MATH 019 or 021
  5. Replace FOR 120 or NR 103 with BCOR 102
  6. Take PHYS 011 or PHYS 012
  7. Take PSS 301 and 302 Graduate Student Colloquium Series (Senior Year)

Additional Specific Recommendations by Discipline:

Agronomy Soils Horticulture
ASCI 011: Animal Nutrition, Metabolism & Feeding Geology, Hydrology, or Geomorphology BCOR 101: Genetics
BCOR 101: Genetics PSS 261: Soil Morphology, Classification and Land Use PBIO 205: Mineral Nutrition
PBIO 205: Mineral Nutrition PSS 264: Chemistry of Soil and Water  
  PSS 269: Soil and Water Pollution and Bioremidiation  
  PSS 268: Soil Ecology  

Graduate Students

PSS graduate students should familiarize themselves with the graduate student handbook.

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