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Agriculture and Life Sciences

Department of Plant and Soil Science

Current Graduate Students

  • add alt tag Janica Anderzen
    Agroecology, Ph.D. candidate, GUND Fellow
    Advisor: Ernesto Mendez
  • Janica is conducting her research as part of a three-year, collaborative and participatory research project that explores economic, ecological and social impacts of selected diversification strategies in smallholder coffee communities in Mexico and Nicaragua.

  • add alt tag Tucker Andrews
    Soil Ecology, M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Deborah Neher
  • add alt tag Kristian Brevik
    Insect Agroecology, Ph.D. candidate
    Advisor: Yolanda Chen

    Kristian is interested in the way that humans shape environments and the species that inhabit them. He plans to use genomic techniques to explore how Colorado Potato Beetle became the pest that we now encounter.

  • add alt tag Carol Delaney
    Agronomy, Ph.D. candidate
    Advisor: Sidney Bosworth

    Carol is looking at quality of yield in cultivation of woody plants as forage for goats. Her research in the Northeast USA will support her goal of working in countries with extensive grazing systems.

  • add alt tag Caleb Goossen
    Forages, Ph.D. candidate
    Advisor: Sid Bosworth

    Caleb is researching the fatty acid content and profile of forage crops, and how management factors affect them.

  • add alt tag Holly Greenleaf
    Sustainable Landscape Design, M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Stephanie Hurley

  • add alt tagKeegan Griffith
    Soil Science, M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Don Ross
  • add alt tag Elisabeth Hodgdon
    Entomology, Ph.D. candidate
    Advisor: Yolanda Chen

    Elisabeth is developing ecologically-based and economical pest management options for growers. Her objective is to develop a pheromone mating disruption system for management of swede midge, an invasive pest of vegetable crops.

  • add alt tagDeborah Kraft
    Landscape Design, Wasterwater Stormwater Runoff, M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Stephanie Hurley

    Deborah is studying nitrate removal from silage bunker runoff through the use of wood chip bioreactors. She will be evaluating the effectiveness of this relatively new treatment technology and studying the role that it could play in cleaning up dairy operations.

  • add alt tag Michael LeDuc
    Entomology, M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Deborah Neher
  • add alt tagEdward Marques
    Ph.D. candidate
    Advisor: Eric Bishop von Wettberg
  • add alt tag Rachel Mason
    M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Scott C. Merrill
  • Rachel aims to understand the effects of climate change on farmers and the food system. She is modeling how different uses of Vermont's fertile flood plains might be affected by more frequent flood events, and how policies, incentives, and farmer decisions may shape regional agriculture in the coming decades.

  • add alt tagMaryam Nouri-Aiina
    Entomology, Ph.D. candidate
    Advisor: Eruce Parker
  • add alt tagJoseph Podhirny
    Soil Science, M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Josef Gorres
  • add alt tag Taylor Readyhough
    Ecological Agriculture, M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Deborah Neher
  • add alt tagJorge Ruiz-Arocho
    Insect Agroecology, M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Yolanda Chen
  • I am interested on how humans shape environments and its effects on invertebrate communities. Currently I'm working with crop domestication in Mexico, and how this process has shaped the insects biodiversity associated with these plants.

  • Chase Stratton
    Insect Agroecology, Ph.D. candidate
    Advisor: Yolanda Chen

    Chase's research involves ecologically sound methods of insect management in agricultural settings.He is currently collaborating with fellow researchers on the invasive insect pest, swede midge (Contarinia nasturtii), to develop control options that may be employed by organic growers.

  • add alt tag Rebecca Tharp
    Sustainable Landscape Design, Ph.D. candidate
    Advisor: Stephanie Hurley
  • Becky is researching the ecology and water quality performance of stormwater ponds. She is investigating the use of floating treatment wetlands as a tool to improve nutrient and solids removal from urban influent waters

  • add alt tag Alisha Utter
    Agroecology, M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Jason Parker
  • add alt tag Alissa C. White
    Agroecology, M.S.. candidate
    Advisor: Ernesto Mendez
  • add alt tagAllen Wilder
    Agronomy, M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Sid Bosworth
  • Allen is evaluating the readily available energy content and agronomic performance of perennial forage grass and legume mixtures. He hopes to identify productive species combinations that better fit the nutritional demands of ruminant animals and improve farm productivity and sustainability.

  • add alt tag Kirsten Workman
    Agronomy, M.S. candidate
    Advisor: Sid Bosworth
  • Kirsten's work is aimed at identifying agronomic best management practices for Vermont farmers that both protect water quality and improve crop production.  She is conducting on-farm research investigating cover cropping strategies for dairy producers to reduce soil erosion and improve manure nutrient cycling.

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