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Noise Ordinance

Burlington Noise Ordinance

Burlington's neighborhoods are a mix of families, students, senior citizens and working people. Noise at nighttime has an impact on the entire neighborhood. Please be considerate and watch your noise level.

  • Noise that is deemed unreasonable is prohibited 24 hours a day. Yelling and shouting that disturbs others is illegal at any time. Be mindful of the volume of your stereo, television or conversations at all times. Some neighborhoods are densely populated and it is easy to disturb your neighbors.
  • 10:00pm to 7:00am have been designated by the City Council as "quiet hours." This means that music or any noise (this includes loud voices) that disturbs others or that can be heard beyond the dwelling unit is prohibited between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. In Burlington, you could be charged with a violation of local ordinance and fined up to $500. If you are convicted of a noise violation for a party/social event (three or more people) you will be required to attend a three-hour restorative justice class. If you receive two noise tickets within two years, the third offense will be a misdemeanor charge and may result in you having a permanent criminal record.
  • In Burlington, everybody on the lease will be ticketed if a noise violation occurs at your apartment or house as a result of a party/social event. A social event is defined as a gathering in which one or more of the persons present is not a resident of that premises.
  • In other towns you can be charged with a violation of local ordinance or charged with a misdemeanor(disorderly conduct).
  • Any music from a vehicle that can be heard at a distance of 25 feet is prohibited at any time.

Students: Violations of Burlington Municipal Ordinances and arrests are reported to every college and university in the State. You may be subject to additional penalties from your school's judicial affairs or administration.

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