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Veterinary Schools

This is a compilation of all of the colleges that have American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) approved DVM programs. Vet schools favor applicants that are residents of their respective states, so you have a better chance of getting into the vet school in your home-state versus another out-of-state vet school (about a 20-25% chance versus a 5-10% chance, based on the percentage of total applicants that get accepted data  in the VMSAR). In-state tuition is often lower as well. 

What happens if you are from a state that doesn't have its own vet school? No fear, you may have a few options.

Some vet schools have contracts with other states without vet schools in which they will reserve seats for students from that state. They include 

Iowa State University: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Connecticut residents
Louisiana State State University: Arkansas residents
Oklahoma State University: Arkasas and Delaware residents
Washington State Univerisity: Idaho and Utah residents

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE): Students from Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming can get funding to go to certain vet schools. WICHE Schools include University of California-Davis, Colorado State Univerisity, and Washington State University.

You can also consider international schools. These may be easier to get into, and you will get a unique experience learning about medicine from a different perspective. Because these schools are AVMA-accredited, you will still be able to take your licensing exam and practice in the states after you graduate. Many DVM-equivalent programs at international schools are actually called bachelore or undergraduate degrees due to different educational models overseas, so keep this in mind as you peruse their websites.

UVM students are fortunate in that they can apply to Tufts during their sophomore year through its early acceptance program (more about that here). The few applicants that are accepted are guaranteed a space at Tufts once they graduate. Cornell also has an early acceptance program, which you can learn about here. Kansas State University, Michigan State University, Mississippi State University, University of Missouri and Oklahoma State Unverisity have similar programs, but they are restricted to their undergrads.

Below are the links to the admissions requirements for all of the accredited vet schools.  

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