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President's Commission for Inclusive Excellence

PCIE Workgroups

2015 President’s Commission for Inclusive Excellence Workgroups

  • Institutional Assessment for Inclusive Excellence Workgroup
    • Support the President’s Commission for Inclusive Excellence‘s work pertaining to the development and coordination of assessment related to inclusive excellence.
    • —Identify assessment/data needs for UVM and best practices related to inclusive excellence.

  • Institutional Outreach for Inclusive Excellence Workgroup
    • Support the President’s Commission for Inclusive Excellence in communicating the work of the Commission with the broader UVM community.
    • —Utilize innovative and timely communications mechanisms to publicize UVM’s work and accomplishments regarding inclusive excellence.
    • —Coordinate community forums regarding UVM’s inclusive excellence work and goals.

Description of Workgroups from the Commission for Inclusive Excellence Proposal (March 3, 2014)

  • Purpose: 2 to 4 workgroups will be appointed by the PCIE to explore current or emerging institutional diversity issues determined by the PCIE. These workgroups will gather information, and help define the questions that need to be answered and issues to be addressed.

  • Membership: Membership on the workgroups will consist of 6-8 (non-PCIE) members. Workgroup members will have specific knowledge of the issue under exploration and/or institutional processes (e.g., legal, operational, student experiences, administrative, financial) related to the issue.

  • Administration: At least one member of the PCIE will serve as the PCIE liaison to the workgroup.

  • Incentives and Acknowledgment of Service:
    • Letter of acknowledgment of service from the Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
    • Annual thank you luncheon

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