University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Political Science

Internship Requirements

To apply for an internship, print a hard copy of the application, then send it to:

Professor Anthony (Jack) Gierzynski
University of Vermont
513 Old Mill
Burlington, VT 05405


Status: Junior or senior status at the time of the internship, Political Science major or minor

Nature of internship: The internship must be of political nature.

Course prerequisites: 4 core Political Science courses, 1 advanced Political Science course

Academic average: 2.5 in Political Science courses, 2.5 cumulative

Departmental approval: Approval of Prof. Anthony (Jack) Gierzynski, 513 Old Mill, 656-7973 or 656-3050, Anthony (Jack) Gierzynski.

Applications: Application should be submitted as soon as student secures the internship and no later than the end of add/drop.

Faculty supervisor: It is the responsibility of the student pursing the internship to arrange with a faculty member of the Department of Political Science to serve as supervisor of the internship project. This must be done PRIOR to the submission of an internship application to Prof. Gierzynski.

Summer internships: A summer internship requires enrolling in POLS 192 during the summer session AND paying summer tuition.

Fall/spring internships: For the Fall semester enroll in POLS 191, Spring semester enroll in POLS 192

Pass/No pass: ALL Department of Political Science internships require enrollement on a Pass/No Pass basis, and will be graded on a Pass/No Pass basis.

Credit hours: Internships may be taken for 3 hours credit or for 6 hours credit

3 Credit hours: 3 hours credit requires: a 5-10 page library research paper and 10-15 hours per week on the job.

6 Credit hours: 6 hours credit requires: the keeping of a daily journal in which the student records what was done on the job and what was learned, a 10-15 page library research paper, and 15-20 hours per week on the job.


Department of Political Science internships will not count toward the 30 credits required for the political science major or otherwise fulfill any of the requirements for the major.

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