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Faculty Research

Robert V. Bartlett:

Eileen Burgin:

Michele Commercio:

Jan Feldman:

    July, 2015: Recently published by Prof. Jan Feldman: "Models of Feminism: Tunisia's Opportunity to Overcome the Secular/Islamist Binary," HAWWA Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World 13 (2015): 51-76.


Alec Ewald:

Anthony (Jack) Gierzynski:

Lisa M. Holmes and coauthors:

Patrick Neal:

Bob Pepperman Taylor:

Martha Thomas:


Alan Wertheimer, Professor Emeritus

    December, 2012:   After a long career as a political philosopher, Dr. Wertheimer applies his academic work on "coercion" and "consent" to research ethics. in an interview with People and Perspectivies.


Alex Zakaras:

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