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Faculty Publications

The faculty of the UVM political science department are nationally and internationally recognized scholars in their fields.  Not only do they regularly publish in academic outlets, but their expertise is also recognized more broadly, by the national and international media, by think tanks and research institutes and by the U.S. government.  Among other accomplishments, UVM faculty members have been quoted in the New York Times, interviewed on NPR, appeared on the News Hour on PBS and testified before Congressional committees.  

Just since 2009, department members have published 24 books, along with numerous articles in scholarly journals, journals of opinion and current events and newspapers.  Those books demonstrate both the productivity of the department and the breadth of topics covered in its research and teaching:

  • Michele Commercio, 2016. "Otinchalar – ‘Truly’ Muslim?" .... In "Book Discussions: Svetlana Peshkova, Women, Islam, and Identity: Public Life in Private Spaces in Uzbekistan," Central Asian Affairs 3: 77-93.
  • Bob Pepperman Taylor, 2016. "Environmentalism," Environmentalism, 2016 in an on-line encyclopedia, American Governance, Macmillan/Cengage Learning.
  • John P. Burke, 2016. "The Transition," 2016, in A Companion to Gerald R. Ford and Jimmy Carter, ed. Scott Kaufman. New York: Wiley Blackwell, pp. 251-271.
  • Robert V. Bartlett (with Walter F. Baber), "Simulations," Bartlett & Baber Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Governance and Politics, ed. Fariborz Zelli and Philipp H. Pattberg, Cheltenham, UYK: Edward Elgar, pp. 161-174.
  • Thomas E. Sullivan Book Cover:  Complex Litigation  Complex Litigation (with Richard Freer, Doug Floyd, Brad Clary) (2009, Lexis/Nexis)
  • Thomas E. Sullivan 2013, 2011, 2010 Supplements to Complex Litigation
  • Thomas E. Sullivan Teacher's Manual For Complex Litigation (with Richard Freer, Doug Floyd, Brad Clary) (2009, Lexis/Nexis)

A full listing of the research interests of faculty members may be found here.

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