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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science

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Work Sheets for Political Science Major and Minor

Students must comply with the degree requirements as stated in one edition of the Catalogue in place during the time they are enrolled. However, since the curriculum is viewed as a coherent whole, selected parts from different catalogues may not be counted. Students who do not complete the degree within seven years must comply with the requirements in the catalogue current at the date of readmission.

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Thirty hours in Political Science:

  • Four (12 hours) core courses (POLS 021, POLS 041, POLS 051, POLS 071).
  • At least 15 hours at the advanced (100 or 200) level in political science subject to the following restrictions:
    • Three hours must be at the 200 level.
    • Students must complete at least one advanced (100 or 200 level) course in three of the four subfields (American Politics; Political theory; International Relations; Comparative Politics).
    • Twelve of those fifteen hours, including the three hours at the 200 level, must be in UVM political science courses (excluding study abroad, transfer credit, readings and research).
  • Three additional hours in political science at any level (can include transfer credit).
  • At least fifteen of the thirty hours used to satisfy this major must be taken at the University of Vermont.

Note: Internships will not count toward the 30 hours required for the major.

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