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Four Key Safety Points About Child Safety Seats
  • Restrain Every Time, Every Trip
  • All child passengers 12 and under should be in the back seat
  • Use the best safety restraint for the child's size.
  • Use the child safety system & seat belts correctly
Vermont's Child Restraint System's Primary Law

Title 23 V.S.A. §1258

  1. No person shall operate a motor vehicle, other than a type I school bus, in this state upon a public highway unless every occupant under age 16 is properly restrained in a federally-approved child passenger restraining system as defined in 49 C.F.R. §571.213 (1993) or a federally-approved safety belt as follows:
    1. All children under the age of one (1), and all children weighing less than 20 lbs, regardless of age, shall be restrained in a rear-facing position, properly secured in a federally-approved child passenger restraining system, which shall not be installed in front of an active air bag:
    2. A child weighing more than 20 lbs, and who is one (1) year of age or older and under the age of eight (8) years, shall be restrained in a child passenger restraining system; and
    3. A child eight (8) through fifteen (15) years of age shall be restrained in a safety belt system or a child passenger restraining system
  2. Exemptions
  3. A person shall not be adjudicated in violation of this of this section if:
    1. The motor vehicle is regularly used to transport passenger for hire except a motor vehicle owned or operated by a day care facility; or
    2. The motor vehicle was manufactured without safety belts.
  4. Fines
  5. The penalty for violation of this section shall be as follows:
    1. $25.00 for a first violation;
    2. $50.00 for a second violation;
    3. $100.00 for a third and subsequent violation.
Helpful Websites

UVM Police Services DOES NOT endorse or recommend any particular car seat brand or model. We do advocate the proper use of approved child safety seats and these websites will help you choose the right car seat for you and your child:

It is strongly recommended that upon purchase of your car seat that you mail the product registration card into the manufacture so that you can receive updated product recalls immediately.

Informational Websites

These websites have great information on statistics, product recalls, how-to videos, and locations for car seat check points in Vermont.

For questions on car seats in the State of Vermont, you can also call 1-888-TOT-SEAT.

Car Seat Inspections

If you would like an inspection of your child's car seat conducted by a certified UVM Police car seat inspector/technician then please schedule an appointment by contacting any of the following people.

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