CALS 001 L12

TA's Emily Atwood & Paige Johnson

Friday 8:30-10:25 Jeffords 127

Members of Section A: 

Katie Berkelhamer 
Jared Danyow
Lyndsey Doire
Michael Guo
Allie Parkin
Taylor Schoonover

Lauren Punger

Members of Section B:
Grant Jessup
Sara Keniston
Samuel Kollmorgen
Samantha Rivera
Viktoria Sjolound
Katrieva Tebo
Briana Wilkinson

8/30: Intros

9/6: NO LAB

9/13: Section A. Dramatic Readings

9/20: Section B. Dramatic Readings

9/27: Section A. Informational Presentations

10/4: Section B. Informational Presentations

10/11: All Group Presentations

Group 1: Katie, Jared, Allie, Lauren, and Sammy

Group 2: Lyndsey, Grant, Taylor, and Viktoria

Group 3: Michael, Sara, Sam, Katrierva, and Briana

10/18: Section A. Persuasive Presentations

10/25: Section B. Persuasive Presentations

11/1: Section A. Choice Presentations

11/8: Section B. Choice Presentations

11/15 Breakfast Lab ect.
11/22 Breakfast Lab ect.