Print & Mail Center Account Card

The new Print & Mail Center Account Card provides Print & Mail customers with an automated process of conducting all business with us while accurately allocating charges to the appropriate chart string account number.

Acquiring a PMC Account Card & PMC Code

Financial and Administrative personnel should request PMC Cards for their chart string account numbers they'll use to conduct Printing and Mailing transactions. Please take the following steps to order your new Print & Mail Account Cards, request duplicate PMC Code Account Cards, edit account information, or delete invalid codes:

PMC Code Account Card Request Form

You are now able to submit the form right from the PDF. Please fill out and click "SUBMIT". Should your email client fail to open and send the form, please send the form to .

What the Print & Mail Center will do

The Print & Mail Center will verify if your chartstring has print and mail budgets. If yes, we will produce new cards and distribute them through the campus mail to the address provided as the account contact. If you do not have a budget set up for print and mail expenses, we will contact you and let you know. No cards will be issued without the appropriate budgeting on each chartstring. We kindly ask that you please verify that your budgets are properly allocated before requesting a card.We need to be able to charge these three Peoplesoft accounts: 80023, 80025, 80033.

Please note that cards are produced in batches and you may not receive your cards immediately. We try to create at least two batches of cards per month.If possible, we ask that you request cards for your chartstrings at least two weeks before you need to use them.

Using the new Print & Mail Center Account Card

The Print & Mail Center Account Card may be used for all inter-department transactions at The Print & Mail Center.

For postage transactions:

1) Separate your outgoing mail into three categories:

a. Letters within the United States

b. Flats (envelopes greater than 6" x 11.50") within the United States

c. International mail leaving the United States

(Depending on its size, your International mail may require customs documents)

2) Attach a card to each category of your outgoing metered mail

Attach one card to all bundles of outgoing mail to be metered using rubber bands or paper clips.

Use a card even if you only have one piece of mail.

3) We'll process your mail

The Mail Center weighs and applies postage to each piece of mail with a valid account card attached.

4) Use your PMC Code in the "Reference Field" for UPS and FedEx shipments.

5) Re-use and Re-place

The Mail Center recycles the cards back into the campus mail system after use.

For printing transactions:

Customers have several options for printing transactions. The most important being that you have a Print & Mail Center Account Card. Secondly, that you know the PMC Code listed under the barcode on your card. This PMC Code is the link between the internal Print & Mail transaction and billing to your People Soft account string.

Save these instructions as a PDF document