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Metered Reply Mail

    Meter Reply Mail (MRM)

    Meter stamps may be placed on envelopes and cards as a method to prepay postage. The mailer (UVM) supplies the reply piece as an enclosure so recipients can respond to a request at no cost to them. MRM differs from both BRM and CRM because the mailer assumes the postage expense up front by applying a meter stamp. MRM works best when the volume of replies is low and the mailer is confident of a return.

    The following guidelines will assist you with MRM use.

    • Meter stamp amounts must be enough to pay return postage in full.
    • Meter stamps may be printed directly on a mail piece or address label that bears the delivery address of the mailer.
    • Postmarks must show no date.
    • Return addresses must be machine or electronically printed. Handwriting and handstamping is not permitted.
    • MRM pieces enclosed in automation rate mailings must meet automation design standards for reply mail.

    Two samples are provided for your reference. A basic layout that may be enclosed in mailings not being sent via an automated rate of postage and a automation compatible layout. Check with the Print & Mail Center for assistance.

      Nonautomation Envelope:

      Nonautomation Meter Reply Mail Envelope

      Automation Envelope:

      Automation Meter Reply Mail Envelope

      Click on the envelope graphic above for full-size versions.


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