Business Reply Mail

    Business Reply Mail (BRM)

    Business reply mail uses specially formatted pre-addressed cards or envelopes so recipients can easily respond to a request. The mailer (UVM) supplies the reply piece as an enclosure in a mailing. The recipient may then respond at no cost to them. UVM pays for the number of pieces returned at the applicable rate of postage plus a .02 cent USPS accounting fee. BRM is very effective when a high number of responses are necessary.

    BRM pieces must be compatible with USPS design standards. OCR-readable type fonts in the USPS approved size, style and position must be used. A brief guidesheet is available on this website.

    Zipcodes for Business Reply Mail fall under three categories based on weight. The nine-digit zipcode you normally use for your building address will not be used on BRM. Each size of BRM uses a different zipcode. This zipcode corresponds with the barcode appropriate for each reply piece as follows:

    Sample are provided for your reference by following the above links. If your current BRM pieces don't look like these, or if you have any questions, contact us at pmc@zoo.uvm.edu or call 6-3142.

    BRM diagram

    Click on the envelope graphic above for a full-size version.

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