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Print & Mail Center PMC Card

The new Print & Mail Center PMC Card provides Print & Mail customers with an automated process of conducting all business with us while accurately allocating charges to the appropriate chart string account number. The PMC Code was created to interact with 3rd party software that do not support Peoplesoft's 47 character alpha numeric chartstring.

So why get a PMC Card? That's simple:

  • Save money! Having a PMC Code is the only way to receive steep discounted shipping rates for USPS, UPS, and FedEx
  • Ease of use. 5 digits are easy to remember!
  • Ship hazardous materials such as dry ice (FedEx only)
  • Get your print order sooner!

Fill out the PMC Simple Form to...
Green text expands/collapses when clicked

...Request new, duplicate, updates, or delete PMC Cards

...Get a PMC UPS User Account

...Get a PMC FedEx User Account

Last modified February 15 2018 11:28 AM