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Welcome to the Print & Mail Center's Purchase Order Page

This service is free and available only to UVM affiliates and other pre-approved Print and Mail Center customers. Just fill in the following information and click on the "submit"!

Please take a minute and review the form before filling in the blanks or answering questions. The more information you can provide, the better.

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Tower letterhead (500 sheets in a ream)

Tower #10 Envelope (2500 envelopes in a carton)

Business Cards (See Business Card Order Form)


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Cover paper has two common weights: 65 lb. or 80 lb. The 65 lb. weight is about the thickness of a index card. The 80 lb. cover is much stiffer.

Text paper Text paper can either be uncoated or coated. Common text paper weights are: 50 lb. (same as 20 lb. copier paper), 60 lb. (like 24 lb. copier paper), 70 lb., 80 lb. Common coated text paper weights are: 60 lb., 70 lb., 80 lb. Select one of the following if applicable:


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Describe how many ink colors are used. Example; the piece prints 1 color, 2 color, 4 color, etc. How many ink colors will you need?

Bleeds: A printed page where the ink prints off the edge of a sheet is called bleeding. Will your project bleed on the cover or inside pages? Check all that apply.


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