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Recent Publications

Isselhardt, M.L., T.D. Perkins, P. Schaberg and A. van den Berg. Sugar maple nonstructural carbohydrates and growth under two levels of spring sap extraction. For. Sci. in press.

Preston, J. C. Evo-devo: the role of regulatory and protein-coding evolution on the diversification of plant development. Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Biology. Elsevier Press. in press.

Pylant, C.L., D.M. Nelson, M.C. Fitzpatrick, J.E. Gates, and S.R. Keller. Geographic origins and population genetics of bats killed at wind-energy facilities Ecological Applications. in press.

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Guilbert, J., A. K. Betts, D. M. Rizzo, B. Beckage, and A. Bomblies. 2015. Characterization of increased persistence and intensity of precipitation in the Northeastern United States. Geophysical Research Letters. DOI: 10.1002/2015GL063124. (Link to paper; Supporting information)

Harris, J. M. (2015). Abscisic Acid: Hidden Architect of Root System Structure. Plants, 4:548-572; doi:10.3390/plants4030548.

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Labiak, P. H., Sundue, M. A., Rouhan, G., & Moran, R. C. (2015). Rhopalotricha, a New Subgenus of the Fern Genus Lastreopsis (Dryopteridaceae). American Fern Journal, 105: 20–30.

Lintilhac, P. (2015) Why Plant Physics? BioScience 02/2015; 65(2):215. (DOI:10.1093/biosci/biu191)

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Palacio-Lopez, K., B. Beckage, S. Scheiner and J. Molofsky. 2015. The ubiquity of phenotypic plasticity in plants: a synthesis. Ecology and Evolution. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.1603. (Link to paper pdf; Link to online journal paper)

Preston, J. C., Jorgensen, S. A., Orozco, R., and Hileman, L. C. (2015) Paralogous SQUAMOSA PROMOTER BINDING PROTEIN-LIKE (SPL) genes differentially regulate leaf initiation and reproductive phase change in petunia. Planta. DOI:10.1007/s00425-015-2413-2.

Ranker, T. A., & Sundue, M. A. (2015). Why are there so few species of ferns? Trends in plant science.

Sundue, M. A., Testo, W. L., & Ranker, T. A. (2015). Morphological innovation, ecological opportunity, and the radiation of a major vascular epiphyte lineage.Evolution, 69(9), 2482-2495.

Sundue, M., Sylvester, S. P., Kessler, M., Lyons, B., Ranker, T. A., & Morden, C. W. (2015). A New Species of Moranopteris (Polypodiaceae) from Inaccessible Ledges in the High Andes of Peru. Systematic Botany, 40(3), 652-657.

Testo, W.L., J.E. Watkins, Jr., and D.S. Barrington. 2015. Dynamics of asymmetrical hybridization in North American wood ferns: reconciling patterns of inheritance with gametophyte reproductive biology. New Phytologist. 206: 785–795.

Testo, W.L., J.E. Watkins, J. Pittermann, and R. Momin. 2015. Pteris ×caridadiae (Pteridaceae), a new hybrid fern from Costa Rica. Brittonia.

Testo, W.L. and L.B. Gerdes. 2015. An unusual form of Huperzia selago (Lycopodiaceae) and its implications for gemma homology in the genus. American Fern Journal.

Tsai, Y., A. Zia, C. Koliba, J. Guilbert, G. Bucini, B. Beckage. 2015. Land Use Policy 49: 161-176. An Interactive land use transition agent-based model (ILUTABM): Endogenizing human-environment interactions at watershed scales. Land Use Policy. (Link to paper)

van den Berg, A.K., Perkins, T.D., Isselhardt, M.L., and T.R. Wilmot. 2015. Growth rates of sugar maple trees tapped for maple syrup production using high-yield sap collection practices. For. Sci.

Visser, V. and J. Molofsky. 2015. Ecological niche differentiation of polyploidization is not supported by environmental differences among species in a cosmopolitan grass genus. American Journal of Botany 102:36-49. DOI: 10.3732/ajb.1400432.

Wei, R., Xiang, Q., Schneider, H., Sundue, M. A., Kessler, M., Kamau, P. W., Hidayat, A. and Zhang, X. (2015), Eurasian origin, boreotropical migration and transoceanic dispersal in the pantropical fern genus Diplazium (Athyriaceae). Journal of Biogeography, 42: 1809–1819. doi: 10.1111/jbi.12551

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Preston, J.C., S.A. Jorgensen, and S.G. Jha. 2014. Functional characterization of duplicated SUPPRESSOR OF OVEREXPRESSION OF CONSTANS 1-like genes in petunia. PLoS One. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0096108.

Pylant, C.L., D.M. Nelson, and S.R. Keller. 2014. Stable hydrogen isotopes record the summering grounds of eastern red bats (Lasiurus borealis). Peer J 2: DOI10.7717/pperj629

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Sundue, M.A., B.S Parris, T.A. Ranker, A.R. Smith, E.L. Fujimoto, D. Zamora-Crosby, C.W. Morden, W.-L. Chiou, C.-W. Chen, G. Rouhan, R.Y. Hirai, and J. Prado. 2014. Global phylogeny and biogeography of grammitid ferns (Polypodiaceae). Molecular phylogenetics and evolution.

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Zia, A., S. Kauffman, C. Koliba, B. Beckage, G. Vattay, and A. Bomblies. 2014. From the habit of control to institutional enablement: Re-envisioning the governance of social-ecological systems from the perspective of complexity sciences. Complexity, Governance & Networks. DOI: 10.7564/14-CGN4

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