Spring 2014

Course Title Instructor
ASTR 005 Exploring the Cosmos Perry
ASTR 023 Astronomy Lab I: Measuring the Sky Pepe
ASTR 023 Astronomy Lab I: Measuring the Sky Perry
ASTR 177 Spacecraft Astronomy Perry
PHYS 009 Energy and the Environment Sanders
PHYS 012 Elementary Physics Pepe
PHYS 013 Conceptual Physics Wu
PHYS 022 Introductory Lab II Pepe
PHYS 030Physics Problem Solving I Spartalian
PHYS 031 Physics For Engineers I Spartalian
PHYS 152Fundamentals of Physics IIDel Maestro
PHYS 198 Readings & Research Clougherty
PHYS 202 Experimental Physics II Headrick
PHYS 211 Classical Mechanics Sanders
PHYS 265 Thermal and Statistical Physics Yang
PHYS 274 Applications of Quantum Mechanics Clougherty
PHYS 305 Teaching of College Physics Headrick
PHYS 311Advanced DynamicsKotov
PHYS 391 Master's Thesis Research Clougherty

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