Fall 2010

Course Title Instructor
ASTR 005 Exploring the Cosmos Perry
ASTR 023 Astronomy Lab I: Measuring the Sky Manley
ASTR 055 The Big Bang Manley
PHYS 011 A Elementary Physics Pepe
PHYS 011 B Elementary Physics Malgahni
PHYS 021 Introductory Lab I Warnock
PHYS 051 Fundamentals of Physics I Furis
PHYS 095 TAP: Seeing the Unseen Scene Yang
PHYS 123 Physics Problem Solving II Sanders
PHYS 125 Physics for Engineers II Sanders
PHYS 128 Waves and Quanta Headrick
PHYS 130 Introductory Lab III Warnock
PHYS 196 Contemporary Issues in Physics Kotov
PHYS 197 Readings & Research Chu
PHYS 201 Experimental Physics Wu
PHYS 213 Electricity and Magnetism Kotov
PHYS 257 Modern Astrophysics Rankin
PHYS 258 Relativity Ohanian
PHYS 273 Quantum Mechanics I Spartalian
PHYS 305 Teaching of College Physics Warnock
PHYS 313 Electromagnetic Theory Clougherty
PHYS 391 Master's Thesis Research Clougherty

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