UVM departments may create a Lightbox to download photos from this website. 

Log in to your account or sign up for a free account by selecting LOGIN on the top right of the menu bar and follow the instructions.


Choose a photo to add to the Lightbox and click the star icon at the bottom right of the website page.  From the drop down menu in the pop up box choose "Create a new lightbox" and name the Lightbox if you wish, or choose an existing Lightbox if one was saved for you from a previous session. 

Continue adding images to the Lightbox by choosing images from any gallery and adding them to the chosen Lightbox. 

When finished adding images and ready to share your Lightbox with UVM Photo, go to the Lightbox and click the "Share" button at the top of the Lightbox.  From the drop down menu choose "Select a Photographer/Image Owner" and choose "UVM Photo".  Do not enter an email address.  Add a message if you wish in the message box.  Finally, click "Share Lightbox".

The images in your Lightbox will either be sent to your email address or you will be instructed via email to download directly from the Lightbox.  Lightbox downloads are not immediately available.  Downloads should be available within 24 hours.

To purchase prints, products and image downloads from this website securely with a credit card select the shopping cart icon located at the bottom right of the webpage after choosing your image and follow the directions.  You do not need an account to purchase items with a credit card.