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Department of Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Philosophy

Need more information? Students with a major in Philosophy will be assigned an advisor from among the department's faculty. If you would like to request a specific advisor or if you have declared a Philosophy minor and would like an advisor in the department, please contact us.

Philosophy Major Requirements:

Thirty credits* in Philosophy including:

  • PHIL 013
  • PHIL 101
  • PHIL 102
  • A total of at least four 200- level courses (twelve credits) in Philosophy
  • Two additional courses at/above the 100-level (six credits) in Philosophy
  • One Philosophy course at any level

Whenever possible PHIL 013 (Logic) should be taken in advance of higher-level coursework in Philosophy.  PHIL013 is different from other philosophy courses, however, and is not representative of coursework in the major.

*Credit not awarded for more than one Philosophy course numbered below 100, except that credit will be given for Phil 013 in addition to one other course numbered below 100.


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