University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Philosophy


All students who declare a major in philosophy are assigned an advisor from the department faculty. Non-majors who would like to see an advisor are also welcome to departmental advising; simply email the department's administrative coordinator, who can put you in contact with an advisor.

What does an Advisor do?

Think of an advisor as your academic liaison. An advisor is meant to be an approachable faculty member, one who is also skilled in your chosen area of expertise, and who can enhance the student's relationship with the university.

A philosophy advisor can provide valuable information about the university, about philosophy, and, especially, about philosophy at UVM. For example, an advisor can

1) assist you in selecting a major and minor

2) assist you in choosing classes each semester

3) make sure you’re on your way to satisfying the various university and college graduation requirements

4) help you to address problems that arise in your classes

5) discuss the various advanced degrees and careers possible after graduation

6) point you in the right direction to learn about the university’s many resources (e.g., scholarships, study abroad, counseling for personal problems, etc.).

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