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Adam Wager

Adam Wager

Adam Wagner

Adam Wager; Ph.D., Lecturer

Area of expertise

Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Metaphysics

Contact Information

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70 South Williams Street, Room 209

Adam Wager’s primary research and teaching interests are in Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, and Metaphysics. In particular, his work is concerned with a cluster of questions concerning perception.

Is there a connection between what it is like for a person to undergo a perceptual experience and the way that experience represents the world as being? What should we make of the body of psychological data concerning synaesthetes - people who "see" sounds as swirls of color or "smell" colors as odors? What are the standards for knowledge (particularly perceptual knowledge)? Does knowing require absolute certainty or merely that I could not have easily been mistaken? Do these standards for knowledge shift in response to the conversational context of those who are attributing knowledge? Of what are we directly or immediately aware in perception? Of what are we aware when we hallucinate? Are colors, sounds, tastes, etc. physical properties of the objects that appear to have them?