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Terence Cuneo

Terence Cuneo

Terence Cuneo; Ph.D., Professor

Marsh Chair of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy

Area of expertise

Ethics, History of Modern Philosophy, Epistemology

Contact Information
Phone: (802) 656-3142

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70 South Williams Street, Room 202


Terence Cuneo's research focuses on metaethics and early modern philosophy, especially the work of Thomas Reid. He has, however, strong interests in philosophy of religion, epistemology, and political philosophy. Recently, he has taught introductory and intermediate classes on ethics, philosophy of religion, and history of modern philosophy. He has also offered seminars on metaethics and political philosophy. The former class focuses on the debate between moral realists and antirealists, the latter on the place of religion in liberal democracy. He is presently plugging away at several projects, including a book manuscript on the intersection of speech act theory and metaethics entitled Speech and Morality.

Some of his books include:

The Normative Web: An Argument for Moral Realism, Oxford, 2007
Awarded Honorable Mention, American Philosophical Association Biennial Book Prize 2007-2009

Foundations of Ethics: An Anthology (edited with Russ Shafer-Landau), Blackwell, 2007

Religion in the Liberal Polity, ed. Notre Dame, 2005

The Cambridge Companion to Thomas Reid (edited with Rene van Woudenberg) Cambridge, 2004

Some recent articles include:

"Thomas Reid's Ethics," The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2011

"A Puzzle Regarding Reid's Theory of Motives," British Journal for the History of Philosophy, forthcoming

"Hutcheson and Reid on Reason and Passion" in The Oxford Handbook to British Philosophy in the 18th-Century, ed. J. Harris, Oxford, forthcoming

"Duty, Good, and God in Thomas Reid's Moral Philosophny" in Reid on Ethics, ed. S. Roeser, Palgrave, 2010

"The Myth of Moral Fictionalism" (with Sean Christy) in New Waves in Metaethics, ed. M. Brady, Palgrave, 2010

"Moral Naturalism and Moral Reasons" in Ethical Naturalism: Current Debates, ed. S. Nuccetelli and G. Seay, Cambridge, forthcoming

"Moral Realism, Quasi-realism, and Skepticism" in The Oxford Handbook to Skepticism, ed. John Greco (Oxford), 2008

"Recent Faces of Moral Nonnaturalism," Philosophy Compass, 2008

"Saying What We Mean: An Argument against Expressivism," Oxford Studies in Metaethics, ed. R. Shafer-Landau (Oxford), 2006

"Religion and Political Theory" (with Chris Eberle), The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2008