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Meeting Schedule for Fall 2015

All Phi Beta Kappa members are invited to attend our chapter meetings and induction ceremonies. 
  • ELECTION OF NEW MEMBERS, Thursday, October 29 at 9 am in Wheeler 101.
  • FALL INDUCTION CEREMONY, Thursday, December 3 at 7:30 pm, location TBA. We ask faculty assisting with the ceremony to arrive at 7 pm and students to arrive at 7:15 for a 7:30 start to the ceremony.

Opportunities for Participation and Service

There are several ways that resident members can get involved in chapter activities; many service opportunities ask only a minimal time commitment. If you’d like to get involved, please contact Nicole Phelps or come to a chapter meeting.

Opportunities include:
  • Participation in Induction Ceremonies. We need people to read parts in the ceremony, help students line up in alphabetical order, welcome students and their families, and assist with some ceremony-related administrative tasks. Assisting with an induction ceremony is a one-time commitment of approximately 2 hours; ceremonies are held on the evening of 5 December and the Saturday morning of Commencement weekend in May. Some roles require academic regalia, but most do not. Helping with induction ceremonies is an excellent way to recognize our best students’ achievements and to celebrate with them and their friends and families.
  • Transcript Review. Although technology can help us with many things, reviewing student transcripts to determine who is eligible for membership is not one of them; a significant part of the process is done by hand. We need people to look through hard or electronic copies of student transcripts to see if they have taken courses that meet our basic requirements; results are recorded in an Excel spreadsheet. This work occurs in October and March. An eye for detail and the ability to meet a deadline are needed. Transcript review is an excellent way to learn what students are and are not taking here at UVM and will likely be of considerable interest to people interested in curricular issues.
  • Bogorad Award Committee. This also involves reviewing transcripts, though for students who have just finished their sophomore year. The work occurs in October.
  • Web Site Maintenance. We are looking for a person to help us keep our Web site up to date, which primarily involves posting information about specific induction ceremonies. For a person who frequently works with Web sites, the job should take mere moments, but it would be a considerable help to those of us who create Web sites so infrequently that we have to re-learn each time.
  • Program Design. At our induction ceremonies, we hand out a program about the ceremony itself and the inductees. We would welcome someone with an interest in graphic design and a fluency in publishing software who would like to produce the program. A fairly quick turn-around would be needed, and the work would be concentrated in the week before the December 5 and May Commencement induction ceremonies. 
  • Holding Chapter Office. Chapter offices include president, vice president, register, and treasurer. If you are interested in hearing more about these positions and/or standing for election, please contact Nicole Phelps at

Propose Honorary Members

Resident members can propose candidates for honorary membership in Phi Beta Kappa. Typically, honorary members are those who have shown a commitment to the liberal arts and sciences and a record of outstanding scholarship; in many cases, they received their undergraduate degrees from institutions without Phi Beta Kappa chapters. To propose a candidate for honorary membership, please submit a letter of recommendation and a copy of the candidate’s CV to the chapter president at Proposals must be received by 15 March, and those elected by the chapter will be inducted at the spring ceremony. 

Special Events

If you would like to organize an event for Phi Beta Kappa members or to invite the chapter to co-sponsor an event, please contact

The national Phi Beta Kappa Society also sponsors a visiting scholars program. Faculty members are invited to apply with the chapter’s support.

National PBK Information

Participate in events sponsored by the Phi Beta Kappa Association of Northern New England, the regional alumni organization. Contact President Kate Soule at for more information.

Visit the national Phi Beta Kappa Society for information on Phi Beta Kappa publications, grants, and other programs.

Purchase Phi Beta Kappa merchandise at Hand & Hammer.

Constitution and Bylaws

The chapter constitution and bylaws were last revised in 2005.

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