Geomorphology 151- 2003

Electronic Readings and Reading Sheet

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E-RESERVES: To get readings on electronic reserve, click the e-reserve button below, enter paul bierman as the insturctor and GEOL 151 as the course. Select the article you want and read away.
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Assigned Reading
Reading Sheet
Due Date
Atchafalaya, By John McPhee (BOOK)
noon 9/15/2003
Water, Rivers and Creeks, By Leopold (BOOK)
noon 9/17/2003
Storms, Noren et al. (.pdf of article)
noon 9/29/2003
Fans, Jennings et al. (.pdf of article)
noon 10/1/03
LA against the Mtns., By John McPhee (BOOK)
noon 10/6/03
Long Run out..., by Kyle Nicholes (ERESERVE) (.pdf)
noon 10/8/03
Proglacial lake and river history, by Whalen (.pdf)
noon 10/15/03
Skinner and Porter, Chap 13 (.pdf)
noon 10/20/03
**Only Two Reading Sheets to Do**
(but give the others a skim for background)

Wagner (.pdf)
Loso (.pdf)
Wait and Davis (.pdf)
Wright (.pdf)
noon 10/22/03
Volcanoes, by Van Rose and Mercer (BOOK)
Cooling the Lava, by John McPhee (BOOK)
noon 11/17/03
Future Eruption of St. Hellens,
by Crandel and Mullineaux (.pdf)
noon 11/19/03
Rates of Uplift, by Summerfield (.pdf)
noon 12/1/03
Annual Reviews, by Paul Bierman (.pdf)
noon 12/3/03