As requested here are the 10 things you should check before handing in a lab to me.

Would you trust this man with your snowmobile?

1. When writing an abstract, a discussion, a method section etc. DO NOT

be informal or "flowery". (do not use contractions or slang)


2. Always put a 0 before a decimal place as needed. For example 0.5 m

not .5 m.


3. Do not give non-human objects human abilities or pronouns. For

example: ...the vegetation spoke... and do not call a river" she". Try

to avoid pronouns (even the pronoun "it") altogether. Many times this

makes readings difficult to follow.


4. Edit your work. This includes using the spell check.


5. Think about what supporting material would be useful in your lab. If

you made calculations include a table of values so I can check your

process if something seems wrong. This is to help you!!! When trying to

describe something and you are having a difficult time, refer to a sketch

or diagram. These are very useful and can say more than you can in words.


6. Make sure all sketches or diagrams have a direction, scale (even

approximate), title and a caption to tell me what I am looking at. If

this is omitted, I do not know what I am looking at and your time was



7. Make sure that the lab is fairly neat and orderly.


8. Make sure you have answered all of the questions. This includes

making sure you get all of the handouts during the lab and checking on the

back of the handouts.


9. Get a head start on completing your lab. If you, ask me questions by

Tuesday afternoon, I will be more than willing to help. Wednesday morning

is kind of late to ask me what the gist of lab was.


10. Most importantly get your labs to me on time. I know that sometimes

things come up but that should not be more than once a semester and that

is why I will let you drop one lab. Remember you have a week to complete

these labs.