Seasonal On-Farm Events and Winter Workshops and

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          walkPasture walks are one of the very best ways for experienced or beginning farmers and agricultural service providers to learn from one another.  Each host farmer has tricks and tips for managing their own systems to its best advantage.  Often service providers, such as USDA-NRCS field agents or grazing consultants can add new information, review grazing or animal health concepts, share ideas gathered from outside sources, and learn along with everyone else.  Sometimes there are challenges on the farm, which visitors can help problem solve with a new perspective on the situation.  Pasture walks help connect all ages, interests and experience levels to one another. 

2016-2017 Events Presented By (or Partnering With) VPN

October 18      Walking Pastures for Soil Health at Paul-Lin Farm
                        11 am to 1 pm
                        Cost: FREE
                        RSVP here
                        In partnership with VT Grass Farmers Association and Caring Dairy

October 25       VGFA Annual Meeting
                         Details and location coming soon

October 26      Plot Tour at Tamarack Vermont Sheep Farm
                        4 to 6 pm
                        Cost: FREE
                        RSVP here
October 28      Starting From Scratch: Reclaiming a Pasture-Focused Hill Farm
  Howling Wolf Farm, Randolph, VT
                        2 to 4 pm
                        Cost: FREE
                        RSVP here


Interested in attending an event?  Have event ideas or requests?
Contact Pasture Program Coordinator Jenn Colby

Please note that If ​you ​require ​accessibility ​accommodations ​to ​participate ​in ​this ​program, ​please ​let ​Cheryl ​Herrick ​(802) ​656-5459 ​know ​by approximately three weeks before the event date ​so ​we ​may ​assist ​you.

Many of our workshops are supported by USDA Risk Management (RMA).  The ​RMA ​provides ​risk ​management ​and ​financial ​tools ​to ​Vermontís ​farmers ​with ​information ​through ​education ​and ​outreach ​programs. ​More ​information ​is ​available ​at: ​

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