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Livestock as Weed Managers
osprey hill farm weed training

Reclaiming Marginal Pasture Land by Teaching Livestock to Become Weed Managers

Two decades of research at Utah State University has shown animals choose what to eat based on what they learn from mother and herd mates, and from their own internal feedback from nutrients and toxins in plants. Based on this research, animal behavior expert Kathy Voth developed a process to teach cattle, sheep and goats to eat weeds, giving farmers a new tool to manage advancing weed populations and
livestock expanded access to high quality forage.

After seeing Kathy speak in 2008 and 2009 about this process, the Pasture Program was awarded a VT-NRCS Conservation Innovations Grant (CIG) to monitor and expend the practice in Vermont.
News and updates from the project:

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